Wizard School Exchange Student [v0.1] By Bluewitchgames

Wizard School Exchange Student [v0.1] By Bluewitchgames

Bluewitchgames released a new game called Wizard School Exchange Student and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is about Play as an exchange student from a foreign land that has come to Scotland to study at the prestigious Hogwarts. As one of only three exchange students accepted this year, and with a past that has seemingly been intentionally obfuscated, the corridors are already buzzing with debates about this new boy and just who he might be.

As a student, you’re expected to fulfill your student’s duties. Go to classes, revise with your friends, and pass exams. Make friends and enemies. And, perhaps most importantly, enjoy all of Hogwart’s balls and parties.​

Developer: Bluewitchgames
File Size: 431.8 MB
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

General Details
The game is a 3D, third-person game built in Unity with a heavy focus on story, erotic elements, and the general atmosphere of a school sim. The tone is a little more serious than the usual parody games.

Keep in mind that when you’re reading this right now, it’s within a few days of the game’s first release. I’m just a single dev and there’s probably a lot of bugs that slipped between my fingers. You’re very, very welcome to point them out to me!

There are paths that may end rather abruptly, but I think there should be enough content for at least a few hours. There are also a lot of rough edges (looking at you, character models), and features that are generally underdeveloped. I may end up putting up a Patreon for those that want to support its continued development and vote for which girls should get more love, so it can get some actual art and more fluid models. Also be warned that some of the lewd scenes are kind of just thrown in there, are way too static, and frankly might be a little silly. They’re what I’m working on improving first. I hope you enjoy the game at any rate and thanks a lot for playing!

Additional disclaimer: the game uses AI-generated art. People have valid reasons for not wanting to support that so I just thought I should let everyone know. It will hopefully be remedied in the future.

Additional note: if something goes wrong and you fall through a wall or floor somewhere, you can press ‘P’ to teleport to the courtyard. Probably don’t use it for fast traveling though because it leaves the previous room loaded still, but I’ll fix that in a min.

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Wizard School Exchange Student [v0.1] By Bluewitchgames

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