Wicked Rouge REFINE [v0.9.0 Public] By fidless

Wicked Rouge REFINE [v0.9.0 Public] By fidless

fidless Games released a new game called Wicked Rouge REFINE and the version is 0.9.0 Public. The game’s story is about is an interactive NSFW Adult Visual Novel & RPG Brothel Management Game in development and created by fitness & EvilFuzzy9. The city of Hana is built on shattered dreams and broken hearts. It is a city of passion, a city of vice, and its pleasure houses are the finest in all the land. And after your father’s death, you find yourself in charge of his failing establishment, once one of the most prestigious of those renowned pleasure houses.

A tale of sex and revenge awaits you. Engage in torrid flings with beautiful heroines, recruit oirans to work in your pleasure house, and do everything you can to keep your girls from falling into enemy hands.​

Developer: fidless
File Size: 1.10 GB
Version: 0.9.0 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New EVENT “Kidnapping. The Red Petal is in trouble!”
  • New EVENT “Investigate the room” New EVENT “Into Hana’s streets”
  • New EVENT “Mei and Oshi”
  • New EVENT “Saka, Yura and Nakako”
  • New EVENT “Umezou questions the guards”
  • New EVENT “Patrol the streets with Nekomi. Kiku appears. New leads”
  • New EVENT “Toneko seduction”
  • New EVENT “In the search of missing oiran with full waifu party”
  • New EVENT “Victorious. Search party travels onwards.”
  • New 2 Explorations maps.
  • New EVENT “Most important guest. The Red Petal future on the line.”
  • New EVENT “Kidnapper harasses oiran”
  • New EVENT “Confrontation”
  • New EVENT “Saka and Yura attends retainer.”
  • New EVENT “Quick dash back to home”
  • New SEX EVENT “In bed with Mei” (4 unique animations/handjob/blowjob/cowgirl/spooning)
  • New EVENT “Afternoon with Kisayo. Preparation for war.”
  • New EVENT “Retainer leaves. Intrigued and hopeful?”
  • New EVENT “Torture. Death.”
  • New EVENT “White Tiger vs The purple Bitch”
  • New EVENT “HER (Great Oiran) reminiscent of the past. Second life.”
  • 21-story events. ~18.000 words. ~1+ hour of gameplay.


  • New party member “Brawler”
  • Changed combat skills and level requirements for all combat characters.

Wicked Rouge REFINE v0.8.0 changelog

  • New EVENT “Mysterious Pedestrian”.
  • New EVENT “Early Morning Wakeup”.
  • New EVENT “Oshi Remembers Significant Occasion”.
  • New EVENT “Shogun Retainer Arrives to the Hana City”.
  • New EVENT “Tomomitsu Scheming”.
  • New EVENT “We can Succeed”.
  • New EVENT “Guren tries to cooperate with Hideaki, but he’s useless”.
  • New EVENT “Mei talks about Fudeyo with a servant girl”.
  • New EVENT “Oshi measures oirans”.
  • New EVENT “Shogun Retainer Punishment”.
  • New EVENT “MC meets Kiku”.
  • New EVENT “Hana Festival”.
  • New EVENT “After the Festival. Guren warning?”.
  • New EVENT “Otsu talks with Kisayo”.
  • New EVENT (SEX) “Night servicing the new guest (companion?)”.
  • New EVENT “Morning talk with Kisayo”.


  • Fixed various text grammatical mistakes.
  • Reduced “Hideaki” Max HP during the boss fight.
  • Increased profits by a small margin.
  • Removed “Bad Events” and “Mercenaries” mechanics until a better interactive system is implemented.

Developer Notes:

*The game doesn’t save or start? Run with administrator permission & don’t “hide” the game folder. Also, check if your antivirus blocking the game. Can’t see anything? Try the game in windowed mode. Some AVs will not display a pop-up if the game runs in fullscreen. *Transfering “save” doesn’t work? Start the game, make a save data, rename your old “save” name into the newly created save data name, and replace the new save with your older save. *Problem playing on “macOS”? Place the game into the application folder. It’s the same issue as above. Permission issue. Game crash? Game is damaged? Use a different unzipper other than MAC default. *Problems with Linux? Try using ‘chmod +x nw’ to make ./nw executable.

Game Images & Screenshots


Wicked Rouge REFINE [v0.9.0 Public] By fidless

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