Val Karee [v0.2.10] By ValKaree

Val Karee [v0.2.10] By ValKaree

ValKaree Games released a new game called Val Karee and the version is 0.2.10. The game’s story is about her girlfriends who were on a camping trip when they were attacked by monsters. Her friends were taken but Val got away, and now she’s back and fully armed and ready to be a hero. She can do it all — kick enemies down, shoot them in the face, slide past their attacks, and blow them the fuck up. She’s tough. She’s buff. And she’s heading into the haunted forest to show them who’s boss. Join Val as she tries to survive the evil hordes and rescue her friends. Fight fast, fight hard, and fight smart, and you may just survive. Or just go ahead and get killed if you prefer — that’s kinda fun, too.​

Developer: ValKaree
File Size: 124.5 MB
Version: 0.2.10
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Released 2022-02-28

What’s new:

  • 1 new level (“Ashley”)
  • 3 new H Animations
  • 1 new trap
  • 2 new trap animations
  • 3 new NPCs
  • 2 new weapon upgrades
  • 4 new Game Over scenes
  • Fullscreen: ‘f’ key toggles fullscreen mode
  • Cheat code: Type “ashley” in title or levels screen to unlock Ashley level
  • Remastered Game Over scenes for Monica level
  • Conversations now show the character name above the text
  • When starting a new level: Autosave now happens after initial conversations, instead of before level intro text
  • Many bug fixes

v 0.2.01
Released 2022-12-16

  • Initial level using the new storyline (rescuing friends that were kidnapped on a camping trip)
  • New characters (1 male, 1 female)
  • 1 new H scene
  • 1 new H scene with guro
  • 2 new end-of-level CG
  • Autoplay feature for “conversation animations”
  • parallax foregrounds/backgrounds
  • Player, NPCs, enemies, and certain objects have shadows
  • checkpoints to save player progress on the current level
  • Zombies have remastered animations
  • Some zombies now ‘react’ when they encounter Val
  • Note: Some items that were in the v0.1.0x release have been removed, but will be re-introduced in future releases (namely spike traps, Ashley, mana-based upgrades, mercenaries level)

Developer Notes:

Performance bug: If the game is running slow at the beginning of a level, try maximizing the window. This usually gets rid of the slowness, and afterwards you can resize the window to the size you want and still get good performance. See “Instructions” in the game’s title menu for details on how to play, along with known bugs and troubleshooting tips.

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Val Karee [v0.2.10] By ValKaree

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