The Monastery [v0.4.2] By Alcahest

The Monastery [v0.4.2] By Alcahest

Alcahest Games released a new game called The Monastery and the version is 0.4.2. The game’s story is about You playing as a priest, sent to a convent of nuns to investigate a series of mysterious incidents involving attacks on the nuns when they sleep. The nuns share the monastery with an order of monks, with a wall keeping them apart to ensure that they all remain celibate. During your stay at the monastery, you may also visit the School for Young Women the nuns are running, and take confessions from people from the nearby town.​

Developer: Alcahest
File Size: 539.4 MB
Version: 0.4.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Content update

  • **** Quests continue for student Julia and Novice Gabriella.
  • **** Quest with Novice Sara (nun sitting behind tree).
  • Replaced all Novice Gabriella media with better quality.
  • Trimming spaces when inputing detective code to avoid error because player included a space
  • Showing 100% next to version in side panel when completed current version of the game
  • Rearranged text and images, and added additional image, when discovering lab in game intro.
  • Disabled saving at start menu
  • Mobile devices: Showing image instead of video clip when eating supper to increase performance.

Content update

  • **** Quests continue for student Riley and Novice Zara.
  • **** Two new girls to do things with
  • **** New location: Laundry
  • – “Hovertips” are now listed in Help as you encounter them, just like normal tips. This change does not work retroactively, ie hovertips you have seen in earlier versions of the game are not listed.
  • – Added flashing border on quest entries that contain veteran detective hints and updated tip about quest messages to mention this.
  • – Continuity fix: Previously in “Investigate Sister Dana”, it was said that Sister Dana would be initiated later. Now changed to say that initation is not needed after Novice Emma teaches her about the holy rites.
  • – Continuity fix: The option to ask Novice Emma about Sister Dana will disappear when Emma has taught Sister Dana about the holy rites.
  • – Added missing credits.
  • – Novice Sofia is now not available after meeting Novice Olenka outside your room, since all nuns are gathering in the chapel for morning prayer.
  • – Recoded encounters system which fixes a bug where the encounter with Olenka would show a bug message.
  • – Fixed a bug where using the history back button could cause wrong image paths.
  • – Journal performance improvement:
  • **** Only showing the last 5 completed quests when opening the Journal. The rest is behind a button.
  • **** Help info is not loaded until selected


  • The investigation continues.
  • Added “Encounters” button in MC’s room (unlocked after progressing) where you can replay some events you encounter while roaming the monastery.
  • Added tip for the Credits button (in bathroom when nuns do laundry).
  • Nun reading in library identified as Novice Francia when first visiting library.
  • Fixed missing occurrence of error message and disabled the chapter buttons for people getting stuck reading codex when cheating by raising corruption.

Mobile players:

Android and iOS players can play the game online on I recommend to use the desktop version and to play in landscape mode. See the mobile devices section in the game settings for more info.

For offline play, the game has been tested to work on JoiPlay (Android). Not tested, but playing the game with the app File Manager Plus could work on both Android (free) and iOS ($4.99).

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The Monastery [v0.4.2] By Alcahest

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