The Class Next Door: EX2 [v0.3.2] By 9thCrux

The Class Next Door: EX2 [v0.3.2] By 9thCrux

9thCrux Games released a new game called The Class Next Door: EX2 and the version is 0.3.2. The game’s story is about TCND: EX2 and continues on the events from TCND: EX; many of the girls are already close to the main character (MC) and things are starting to get spicy. There are many things going on; there are party preparations, some lines have been crossed, and it seems like things are getting better with the MC’s ex-wife.​

Developer: 9thCrux
File Size: 985.0 MB
Version: 0.3.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

TCND: EX2 episode 2 Android version Change log:

Multiple layout fixes; adjusted side images, textbox, text location, font size, and choice menu formatting. Now TCND: EX2’s phone version is properly setup!

Developer Notes:

The game will start by asking for your name, then it will ask you about Tiffany’s relationship with you; from there, it will ask you about the girl’s age. The game has a default age for each girl but players can set any age they want from a ‘credible’ range. Next, you will have the option to unlock all the routes or just a selected few.

TCND: EX2‘s days are divided into morning, noon, and night; as events pass, time will automatically move forward. Business days will start with Tiffany waking up the MC, then they will go to school, and they will be back home in the afternoon. Events can occur at any time but most are set up for the afternoons and nights. There will be no need to navigate to any location; the story will take players to where they need to be.

Players will be able to choose which route-related event plays first; route options will only be available if players unlocked the given girl’s route. At night, you will be able to see any available lewd dream you want. There are a few repeatable events that happen on specific days, and there will be more, Improving a girl’s stats will unlock more interactions during repeatable events.

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The Class Next Door: EX2 [v0.3.2] By 9thCrux

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