The Awakening [v0.4.3] By SLim Games

The Awakening [v0.4.3] By SLim Games

SLim Games Games released a new game called The Awakening and the version is 0.4.3. The game’s story is about After two years you finally wake up from a coma which was caused by a car accident. You are suffering from amnesia and you have not the slightest idea in what kind of situation you are in. Don’t forget that your choices will make an impact on the story as new updates come out.​

Developer: SLim Games
File Size: 3.02 GB
Version: 0.4.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • It’s finally done. The merge is complete.
  • I can’t currently offer an android version because it exceeds the 2GB size limit.
  • Keep in mind that old saves will not work.
  • I will work something out, don’t worry. Worst case I have to split the game for android players into multiple parts.

v0.4.1 (Beta Update Part 1)

So this is the first part of the rework. Some parts are still rough and need some work, but overall this is the general direction it will take. We are taking more time refining the story. Putting more love in the detail. And making sure that the overall theme stays true to itself.

With the reworked beginning we are trying to tie the story better together with additional new features that we will introduce in the 2nd part later on. The second part of the beta is about 50% done I’d say, so that will come out soon.

Developer Notes:

  • PC Password: greedisgood
  • when using an old save file, make sure to use one where you are in the free-roaming part, since they seem to work more likely!

Game Images & Screenshots

Other: Compressed*

Mac (v0.4.0): ANONFILE – MEGA – NOPY
Android (v0.4.0): ANONFILE – MEGA – NOPY

The Awakening [v0.4.3] By SLim Games

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