Tentacles in Spaaace [v0.5.0] By MoxieTouch

Tentacles in Spaaace [v0.5.0] By MoxieTouch

MoxieTouch Games released a new game called DiBS: Tentacles in Spaaace and the version is 0.5.0. The game’s story is about is an action exploration game with a ‘grapple mechanic.’ When a creature comes close to her, they grapple. When grappled, you navigate her to break free from the grapple, or she’d be dicked. Oh, the tragedy.​

Developer: MoxieTouch
File Size: 86.9 MB
Version: 0.5.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • There’s quite a few bugfixes here, as well as a new interaction for Mox Meetup!
  • Mox Meetup – Koubold Hug
  • A new interaction after giving the scarf! Mox can hug koubold. There’s still a few more interactions on the way before moving on to the boss.
  • Mox Meetup Cinema Refinements
  • The older one felt a little flat, so a few refinements were done on the overall look for the anim.


Sorry for the delays. Following the previous post about the project crashing, there will be a separate post that details what will happen when the project crashes, and how the next dev-cycle will be structured by learning from this.

Now that many of the other systems and cinema tape are done, more focus is on koubold and woof miniquest for the December update, including its cinema animation!

Developer Notes:

  • DiBS is under development.
  • Things can change.
  • Bugs can appear, then be squashed.
  • Finally, content will be added, even if at a steady, albeit slow pace.
  • (But it doesn’t have to be wink wink)

Game Images & Screenshots


Tentacles in Spaaace [v0.5.0] By MoxieTouch

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