Tainted [v0.15] By Jubei

Tainted [v0.15] By Jubei

Jubei Games released a new game called Tainted and the version is 0.15. The game’s story is about is a fantasy adult Visual Novel (VN) where you play a prince that has his life turned upside down when a demon-worshiping cult takes over his land, forcing him out of his castle to a life of exile. On your adventures, you will meet the most intriguing companions and learn what it means to be a leader, in order to save your kingdom; and if you play your cards right maybe even find some romance. A fun fantasy adventure, filled with humor, drama, epic battles, mystery and lots of sex!​

Developer: Jubei
File Size: 1006.0 MB
Version: 0.15
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Fixes and update list:
A brand new episode – Episode 2 includes:

  1. Episode 2 will introduce 4 new companions: Freja the Viking, Valery the huntress, Sophie the fire mage and Sylvie the ice mage.
  2. It includes 2 full adventures, and 2 dates and 2 romance options.
  3. Get to know the companions with both dates and (if you play your cards right) intimate moments.
  4. A very special optional encounter with one of the companions.
  5. Action, thrills, fun, romance and lots of sex!


Developer Notes:

As a Manga and Anime connoisseur from a young age (maybe you noticed my nickname as a dead give-away), I believe a real story has no bounds, not verbally or physically; people are people and telling a story while hiding their deepest desires just limits the story. So sex, violence and adult themes were a must for me. That’s why working in the entertainment industry was very limiting for me, as most mature games I worked on had only softcore scenes in them at best – like the weird Disney movies where the romance ends after they kiss.

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Tainted [v0.15] By Jubei

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