Succum Brewery [v0.2.4] By LimeJuiceGames

Succum Brewery [v0.2.4] By LimeJuiceGames

LimeJuiceGames Games released a new game called Succum Brewery and the version is 0.2.4. The game’s story is about After running out of money mid-transport Catherine is abandoned on the rooftop of downtown mega-skyscraper: Peach Towers. She has no money, no friends, and no way to get to ground level. To make matters worse the place is swarming with chuds.

Developer: LimeJuiceGames
File Size: 320.1 MB
Version: 0.2.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Not save compatible. Added a save file to the Windows download.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Edited various spelling errors.
  • Added cat food for sale at the Chud King
  • Added use for cat food and partial related story.
  • Added mechanic code reader and partial related story.
  • Arousal mechanic added after shower scene.
  • Can’t sleep at high arousal.
  • Added masturbate skill at high arousal in bar game.
  • Added shower repeatable to lower arousal (shows up at high arousal).
  • Card Trick now has art.
  • Pick Pocket now functional (art planned).
  • Safe room bed is now functional. It lowers corruption by 1 every night, but only recharges some of Catherine’s energy (but not below the previous training level).
  • Safe room bed upgrade added. It increases how much energy the bed restores.
  • Added Training 4 scene.
  • Added a 3 part scene after training 4.
  • Added Cheat Chicken art.


  • Changed version format to look more professional.
  • Small changes to upgrade tree to prep for future updates.
  • Added a light switch for people with issues seeing the darker parts of the game.
  • Added a scene with the chuds at the bar
  • Added new poses for bar game when at high corruption.
  • Added Wine upgrade and scene.
  • Added Martini upgrade and scene.
  • Added Chud Dark upgrade and scene.


  • Added corruption 35 shower scene.
  • Added a scene with the chuds at the bar split into 3 parts.
  • Added Amanda Art.
  • Added Chud King art.
  • Unlocked arcade upgrade.
  • The new combat log is now in. More dialogue will be added in future updates.

Developer Notes:

Every day Catherine works a shift at the bar serving drinks. The better she serves drinks the more the bar’s reputation grows. She can make shifts last longer and keep the customers around by making small talk, flirting and more. The more aroused the customers get the more IO learns about human desires.

When reputation is high enough the bar can be upgraded in a variety of ways. In addition to the bar game Catherine can also look for clues and options to make friends, get money, and try to escape the rooftop if she so chooses.

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Succum Brewery [v0.2.4] By LimeJuiceGames

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