Story Of Innocent Queen Iza [v0.10] By Potato

Story Of Innocent Queen Iza [v0.10] By Potato

Potato Games released a new game called Story Of Innocent Queen Iza and the version is 0.10. The game’s story is about A great king and a father to princess Iza, who dies in a fight with an unknown foe, will our newfound queen be able to save her country? will she be able to defy the corruption that will be thrown at her? or will she fail to doom everyone else with her? it’s all up to you in the Story of Innocent Queen Iza!

Developer: Potato
File Size: 592.2 MB
Version: 0.10
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Side quest in swamps
  • Side quest with orcs in the forest
  • Teaching in the park next 1 stage
  • Bdsm church sidequest next 2 stages making it complete!
  • Danty ninja sidequest next 4 stages making it complete!
  • Drinking competition sidequest next 3 stages making it complete!
  • Divination sidequest next 2 stages making it complete!
  • Dancing quest sidequest next 2 stages making it complete!
  • Slum sidequest
  • 4 “optional” quests in the slum sidequest
  • Main Quest in Magnalia
  • 5 new cg’s added 4 to “drinking competition” and 1 to “dangerous bet” quests

0.08 B
– Hotfix


  • Full Hangred questline
  • 3 new sidequests
  • Continuation of the sidequest in the park
  • Remade Questlist
  • Added 1 art scene to the main questline


Developer Notes:

Hi! I’m Potato, and this is the first game i am ever making, as of version 0.01 it doesn’t have much content in it, only a one main quest and two sidequests, it also doesn’t have any art in it, as well i don’t have nor the skills nor the money to get them, i hope to include it in the future though, the tags you see now are only a little part of what will come in the full game, i’m planning to add bdsm, female domination, sexual harrasment, besitality, exhibitionism, blackmail, prostitution and many more! the game will be getting updated regardless of the patreon support but any money geneorusly given to me will be spend on art for the game, and help me buy food for my myself i guess? Thank you for reading and i hope you will like the game :D

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Story Of Innocent Queen Iza [v0.10] By Potato

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