Star Knightess Aura [v0.28.2] By aura-dev

Star Knightess Aura [v0.28.2] By aura-dev

aura-dev Games released a new game called Star Knightess Aura and the version is 0.28.2. The game’s story is about following Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the conventional plotline of a “summoned to another world”-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike him down.

But her enemies don’t just lurk in Roya. Having entered her mind through the Demon King’s curse, another enemy attempts to brainwash and corrupt Aura from the inside. Faced with a two-pronged attack against her body and mind, can Aura finish off her worst enemy without losing herself?

Star Knightess Aura is an RPG with NSFW erotic content, made with RPG Maker MZ. The game features themes of corruption, brainwashing, mental changes, possession, mind control, and NTR. All characters are 18+.​

Developer: aura-dev
File Size: 338.0 MB
Version: 0.28.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

0.28.2 (10.03.2023)



  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed switch initialization in tavern happening after chinchirorin trigger check
  • Fixed various 4-line dialogue boxes
  • Fixed inconsistent vulgarity in Bonding with Slime scene
  • Fixed Alicia not walking to trash can


  • Added H-CG marker to Rose recollection entry
  • Improved message for going west/east of Draknor Fortress



  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed quest marker for Save The Crops still appearing pre-Festival
  • Added missing Masturbation tag to Formula Peddler 2
  • Fixed lack of priority speed on Flashbomb type items
  • Fixed skipping of mental world day if corruption < 4 at end of Festival

0.27.0 (27.01.2023)

  • Added Bunny Suit Loving Magistrate 1 H-CGs
  • Added Bunny Suit Loving Magistrate 2 H-CGs
  • Added Rose Seduced By Richard H-CGs
  • Added additional creampie layers into John Sex CGs
  • Added mental change Celebrities II
  • Added mental change Popularity III
  • Added mental change corrupt Hardworking Orb I
  • Added mental change corrupt Character Orb 1
  • Added mental change corrupt Kindness Orb 1
  • Added mental change Platform High-Heels
  • Added mental change “Empty Library Club Memory”
  • Added scene Aura Hating Books 1
  • Added scene Aura Hating Books 2
  • Added scene Aura Hating Books 3
  • Added scene Gossip About George 1
  • Added scene Gossip About George 2
  • Added scene Cheerleading Practice 7
  • Added scene Hallway Bullying 4
  • Added scene Exploiting Gofers 3
  • Added scene “Aura Wearing Heels 2”
  • Added scene “Aura Wearing Heels 3”
  • Added scene “Aura Wearing Heels 4”
  • Added scene “Being Into The Next Super Model 4”
  • Added passives “Can’t Remember Ever Enjoying Reading I – III”
  • Added passive “#fuckreading”
  • Added passive “Transformation: Platform Heels”
  • Added scene “Aura boots transforming to high-heels in Roya”
  • Added quest “The Disbanded Crew”
  • Added map Nephlune Underwater Dungeon
  • Added map Sailor Quarters
  • Added map First Mate’s House
  • Added items Bloodshot Eyes+ and formula
  • Added Charlotte learning Fire II at level 5 and teaching at level 6
  • Logged and cleared enemies from compendium during intro
  • Integrated plugin fixing * passabilities being ignored
  • Implemented chinchirorin minigame
  • Added corruption/lewdness/vice display to map when playing as Alicia
  • Made back button for enemy/item/skill windows in battle more responsive when hovered
  • Improved performance when having many items
  • Updated battle HUD visuals for better visibility
  • Implemented visual marker for rooms with mental changes
  • Improved frame rate in battle scene
  • Improved visibility of version number on title screen
  • Removed double tap on mobile and added option for reenabling
  • Implemented controller icons
  • Improved wording of Womb of Lust
  • Removed Popularity I cobweb mental change
  • Increased max killed bosses to 70
  • Increased max mental changes to 115


  • Decreased addiction of Bloodshot Eyes to 1 and reduce price
  • Added second Gourmet Meat to Sahaking drop


  • Fixed typos
  • Added keys with missing string conversions to the code-to-string list
  • Fixed message box flicker
  • Fixed turn sync issue for buff duration display
  • Fixed extra windows background remaining for too long
  • Fixed turn durations on indefinite states
  • Fixed hex buttons for touch input/Android
  • Fixed broken state display in menu
  • Fixed remaining Hermann 25% discount mention in text
  • Reverted changes to state/buff turn duration
  • Fixed Gossip About George recollection crystal not unlocking
  • Fixed #fuckreading not increasing required reading progress
  • Fixed remaining encounters in Draknor Fortress after slaying Sathanas
  • Fixed not being able to teach John Tenacity I in John Rising
  • Fixed passability of Nephlune house roof
  • Fixed X button icon in skill menu appearing even if no controller connected
  • Fixed attack/guard still appearing enabled if sealed
  • Fixed behaviour of ok key in battle HUD
  • Fixed non-responsive VN buttons

Developer Notes:

Each ingame day is structured into 3 parts.

The player controls Aura and can explore the world of Roya to track down and kill the Demon King. In order to become stronger, acquire funds, and advance her search, she can rely on her own powers or ask people for help. However, not everybody means well with Aura. Performing lewd acts and compromising on Aura’s ideals by allowing innocents to suffer causes Aura to gain corruption.

The player controls Alicia, who uses Aura’s corruption to change her psyche. This includes changing her interests, increasing her interest in fashion, changing her appearance (including hair style/color changes), changing her values (making Aura more selfish), and ultimately changing her sexual desire and love interests.

The player watches cutscenes displaying Aura’s real self changing over time due to mental corruption. The cutscenes are told from varying character perspectives (Aura, her best friend Rose, her boyfriend George, and so on).

You have RPGM MZ and think some objects could use some flavor texts? Or maybe existing dialogue could use some more reactivity to the mental changes? It’s possible to contribute to the project using GitLab!

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Star Knightess Aura [v0.28.2] By aura-dev

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