Special Request Official Ren’Py Edition [v1.6] By Nemiegs

Special Request Official Ren’Py Edition [v1.6] By Nemiegs

Nemiegs Games released a new game called Special Request Official Ren’Py Edition and the version is 1.6. The game’s story is about This is the official Renpy remake of the game Special Request. Renders and animations remastered. The game is about a successful woman that gets involved in somebody’s game behind her back. The story will lead to the discovery of some secrets in a City, and the once-sunny environment will show its dark side now. The main protagonist will have to endure blackmail and corruption, and there will be other fetishes to meet as well. Will she be able to fight for her life back again?​

Developer: Nemiegs
File Size: 5.28 GB
Version: 1.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Thursday, week 4
  • 498 images
  • 27 animations

Developer Notes:

I discontinued the RPG version. Please, use the start/bridge function to get straight to the new release of Renpy. You will have to repeat the choices you made earlier in the game to set up the scene gallery and side routes.

  • “Check her sausage” opens Ritvar Bad Boy route. Else: Ritvar good.
  • “No, that’s it” continues Ritvar events. Else: no more Ritvar.
  • “Call Mr BB” opens Wood checking Laura scene. Else: scene locked.
  • “Screw Berta!” opens Laura with Berta chair scene. Else: Laura with toy at home.
  • “Who is the boss here?!” opens a scene of Brute with the girls. Else: scene locked.
  • “Find Gary” opens the 1st Friday punishment scene. Else: scene locked.
  • “Reject rudely!” opens Bumdolf events. Else events locked.
  • “Bribe the policeman” opens Pecker sidequests. Else: sidequests locked.
  • “Adolf” opens the crime world more for Laura and the blackmail of Beatrice. “Beatrice” opens the love route with Beatrice.
  • “Ask the driver to take you to Fancy Suburb” opens a bad end scene. Else: scene locked.
  • “Call Oliver” or “Adventure with Janette” up to you. They will be repeatable.
  • “Release emotions!” opens the scene of Laura cleaning WC for downstairs workers. Else: scene locked.
  • “Stay and watch” opens the scene of Reina with the customer. Additional corruption point for Laura. Else: scene locked.
  • “Tease” gives one additional corruption point for Laura.
  • “5 gold” → “show b__bs” opens the 1st Bumdolf event. Will be more in the future. Else: Stops Bumdolf storyline.
  • “Print invoices” + 2 corruption points for Laura. But no penalty points (collect 3 to punish her on Friday)
  • The same on the next day.

Game Images & Screenshots


Special Request Official Ren’Py Edition [v1.6] By Nemiegs

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