Sirius 2023 [v0.5] By SigmaSuccess

Sirius 2023 [v0.5] By SigmaSuccess

SigmaSuccess Games released a new game called Sirius 2023 and the version is 0.5. The game’s story is about story describes the happy moment of the protagonist in Sirius. Gather girls everywhere to become sexual partners in their own factories. Follow you to fight. Become rich and powerful. Of course, you also need to have a good relationship with girls so that they can work harder to do everything for you​

Developer: SigmaSuccess
File Size: 305.0 MB
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

1. Increase the plot. The distress of Dodos
2. Add multi-language patch
3. Optimize the combat description of the replica
4. Optimize the bonus and price of Cralet’s favorite props
5. Optimize the bonus and price of Brenda’s favorite props
6. Optimize and increase the resource acquisition of combat replicas
7. Add trainers and aphrodisiacs
8. Optimize training methods and bonuses
9. Increase the bonus of Ramda’s good feeling
10. Reconstruction of mine cave map
11. Minor changes to the map of military facilities
12. The base adds machines that can sell waste products


1. Optimized the protagonist map
2. Optimized sexual partner position
3. Delete replica resource acquisition
4. Optimize the strength growth of the enemy’s attacking boss force
5. Optimize the upper limit of access to combat map resources
6. Improve the effect of the scraper
7. Optimize the factory return event
9. Update replica map level 10-18
10. Update the battle formation
11. Optimize the good feeling system
12. Optimized the export of battle map
13. Add I-948 region of the Galaxy
14. Add K-194 region of the Galaxy
15. Improve access to weapons and armor
16. Added the game description. The location is at the entrance of the main character base
17. Update the plot: the road to exile
18. Overall optimization of the game to improve the speed and reduce the size of the game

First Release

Developer Notes:

Game features

  • One-handed operation can play with the mouse and operate easily
  • You know the importance of one-handed games
  • In order to resist all kinds of harassment of hydrogen organisms
  • We must find ways to make ourselves stronger
  • His sexual partners also become stronger together
  • It is expected that there will be more beautiful girls in the future
  • Add more fun to the protagonist
  • There will also be more stories and scenes to play games
  • The combat mode adopts the effect of both sides exploding clothes
  • Fighting is more vigorous
  • More elements to experience

Game Images & Screenshots


Sirius 2023 [v0.5] By SigmaSuccess

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