Scarlet Maiden [v1.2.2] By Otterside Games

Scarlet Maiden [v1.2.2] By Otterside Games

Otterside Games released a new game called Scarlet Maiden and the version is 1.2.2. The game’s story is about A thousand years ago, the Maidens of the Sacred Flame fought and defeated the Prime Evil. Now that same evil is once again waking from its slumber in the depths beneath Sinner’s Rest Abbey. Join Scarlet, the last remaining Maiden of the Sacred Flame, in her sinful quest to defeat the Prime Evil. Use your special abilities to harvest sin from your enemies and through repentance, increase your powers. Explore the ever-changing dungeons of the Underworld. Acquire powerful weapons, spells, and items. Engage in lewd encounters with the characters you meet along the way. Discover the secrets of the Underworld and banish the Prime Evil once and for all.​

Developer: Otterside
File Size: 130.6 MB
Version: 1.2.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Enjoy challenging roguelike gameplay! Sure, you may die a few times, but each time you re-enter the dungeon you will be more powerful than the last time. Defeat enemies and complete quests to gain Sin. As a Maiden of the Sacred Flame, you have the ability to gather Sin and convert it to power through repentance. Mistress Julia will “give you a hand” with the repentance part.

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Scarlet Maiden [v1.2.2] By Otterside Games

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