Path to Ascension [v3.3] By Shark Bit Games

Path to Ascension [v3.3] By Shark Bit Games

Shark Bit Games released a new game called Path to Ascension and the version is 3.3. The game’s story is about Path to Ascension is an adult text game. In it, you will play as a recently deceased mortal on the path to claim a place among the gods themselves! Fight fantastical creatures and go on an adventure in the medieval fantasy-themed universe, with RPG elements. Cruise the stars and manage a mega-corporation in the space-themed universe, with management sim gameplay elements. Join a race to the west in the wild west-themed universe, with Oregon Trail-inspired gameplay. Fill paperwork and despair about contemporary problems in the modern life-themed universe, with dating sim-style gameplay. RPG Class System Base Building System Dialogue and Choices System Affection and demeanor System; characters will remember the way you treat them, be it gentle, stoic, playful, or impatient.

Developer: Shark Bit
File Size: 106.86 MB
Version: 3.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Revamped the following events: Meet Lyssa, Whitewood Village First Visit (Missed a couple things last pass).
  • Added an option to not have sex with Grimwood during their last event, if the options available to you aren’t to your pleasure.
  • Added a highlighted message when finding items in the world.
  • Finally added the option to loot the places of the people you have destroyed in Whitewood Village.
  • Re-implemented attribute restrictions to choose certain skills. This should give players a better sense of progression.
  • Added text in the tooltip of skills in the skill tree to indicate which skills you have and which you don’t.


  • Curly quotes are visible again. When I fixed the font asset last time, I forgot to add a fallback font.
  • Added a fallback font to the title fonts as well.
  • Fixed resting, not doing anything.
  • Fixed layout of dimensions triggering twice through an insane sneaky loop, which could cause problems.
  • Fixed the Display of the Allugard Party not… well.. displaying.
  • Fixed the Grimwood sex scene not working right regarding your chosen sex.
  • Fixed the last room in Grimwood’s lair being impossible to exit.
  • Fixed possible problems if the player has had something about their resolution changed since last booting up the game, like changing monitors.
  • Removed a small debug log that shouldn’t have been there anymore.
  • Fixed angel name being colored weird in the title of their event.
  • Fixed chosen perk during level up not being assigned properly to your character.
  • Removed skills being attributed automatically every level. Forgot to do this when I implemented the skill tree system. Oops.
  • Fixed the second skill button in the level up tree not working. Both in functionality and in sometimes it being selectable when it shouldn’t be.



  • Revised the text of these events: Intro, Angel NPC, First Travel to Allugard, Choose your Class, Living Vine Encounter, AStoryI (First Daisy scene), and Whitewood Village First Visit. The content is the same, but the prose and grammar should be better, and the typos and inconsistencies that happened as my ideas changed should be gone.
  • Also revised the text of these areas: Beyond Base Domain, Whitewood Forest, and Whitewood Village.
  • Angel now has specific transformation scenes for losing their sex, and the previous scenes where they gain a sex organ have been revamped.
  • You can now change Angel’s pronouns! Probably some concordance errors with They/them pronouns, but I ain’t touch that for a long time to come.
  • You can now change what Angel calls you. You can either insert something yourself, and type something fun like “piece of shit”, or pick a title off a list. Most of the list’s titles are tags, so they are dynamic based on your chosen gender, or even body type!
  • Re-implemented and revamped the dictionary system. You can now hover over important words to get context to them, once again. The system was also reworked to be easier to implement and to change the descriptions of stuff on the fly, which can be used to add information to concepts that the player might discover later.
  • Added a TAG NOT FOUND message in case a tag is not properly working, so you guys can now spot if a double space is a typo or a tag not working. Btw, to be clear: tags are dynamic words that are altered based on player choices. Your character’s name is a tag, for example.
  • Implemented ellipsis back to world choices. Just to make it clear, this was something unity’s new UI lacked, so I was just waiting for them to re-implement it. It wasn’t laziness on my part that the choices have been ugly as fuck, hahah.
  • Quit button has finally received some visuals. It’s still a bit awkward due to unity’s new UI, but it should get better once animation support is out in full. Spent a while figuring out how a diegetic exit button would look like with the available tools, and I am satisfied enough with what I came up with.
  • Animated the “Now loading…” message so that you know the game is indeed loading, even if the bar might appear stuck. Also changed the layout of the loading screen a bit.


  • The Bug Report feature has been disabled. Turns out the third-party tools it utilized were shut down with basically no warning some time ago. The only reason I realized it, is because of a great player that reached out to me about their reports. Fuck me, is sending an email about your services shutting down so hard? I shudder to think how many bug reports went nowhere because of this. I am so, so, so sorry, everyone.
  • Revamped the inner workings of the tooltip system. It should readjust better in case the tooltip is out of the screen.
  • Implemented the angel pronoun tag where it was missing.
  • Implemented the title tag Angel will use to refer to the player where it was missing.
  • Removed an obsolete dialog option from angel which used to serve the same purpose as the Dictionary function now does.
  • Found a bug going on with italic text stopping after only one line, fixed it. But it was a Unity bug that had a workaround. Wasted too much time on this, thanks Unity!
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to freeze if you loaded the game before ever going to Allurgard, then tried to talk to Angel.
  • Lightened the size of the game by removing unnecessary packages and outdated files.
  • Fixed an oversight where an exception would occur if a choice had a reaction, but would force you to stay in the same room.
  • Never mind the neverminds, for they shall never be on your mind? I freakin’ fixed it, okay? That’s what I’m trying to say.
  • Specified that a name also cannot be empty when typing a name. Before, the message only told you that a name could not contain spaces.
  • Old saves might not have been displaying Jonathan’s appearance correctly, that should be fixed.
  • Fixed some buttons having their background spilling out upon hovering and clicking them.
  • Fixed the fonts not showing their correct alternate styles. Italic and bold version of the fonts should look better.
  • Implemented a warning telling you that you cannot save during events or combat in the Save Menu.
  • Choices should show their hotkey numbers now, instead of their list index numbers.
  • Fixed Rooms duplicating stuff if they triggered an event.
  • Fixed Daisy not showing up for players who demeaned her, but still asked her to join them.
  • Placed a warning that the font configurations are not working quite yet.


  • The scroll is not working right. This is a unity bug, and we gotta wait for a fix. Honestly, their new UI is so much better than the old one, but it keeps coming with some painful bugs every patch.

Developer Notes:

The game is in alpha, so that means things are more a proof of concept that I have the capacities of delivering what I am promising. Although there is content, and the updates will keep adding to that, keep in mind that the gameplay and systems are still being worked on and smoothed over, to eventually deliver a meaningful and satisfying progression. In conclusion: the things here are always subject to change and fixes in the future, so nothing here is final.

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Path to Ascension [v3.3] By Shark Bit Games

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