On the hunt [v1.1b] By On the hunt

On the hunt [v1.1b] By On the hunt

On the hunt Games released a new game called On the hunt and the version is 1.1b. The game’s story is about the Game being ‘Playable’ as in has a loop and progression, but with only one girl and hundreds of bros, things can only go up from here.​

Developer: On the hunt
File Size: 310.5 MB
Version: 1.1b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Large story rework, playing from the beginning is recommended. Amy combat enhancement, now has some bonus effects if her speed is higher than yours. Changes to the bros, new traits, skills and magics, small bugfix and small Lilly changes.

Initial Release

  • + 107 images
  • + 4 hunt events
  • + 1 main event (The tutorial)
  • + 1 Girl (Amy)
  • + 1 trait
  • +1 skill
  • +1 magic

Developer Notes:

Hi, names Kileos. Armature programmer and game developer. Social media ghost and everyday guy, I’m currently working on ‘On the hunt’, an adult visual novel with rpg elements. Consider this a tip jar for my work for now as I plan to integrate patreon into game development by means of polls and regular chats.

Game Images & Screenshots


On the hunt [v1.1b] By On the hunt

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