Of Devotion and Despondence [v0.1.13] By Earliestbird

Of Devotion and Despondence [v0.1.13] By Earliestbird

Earliestbird Games released a new game called Of Devotion and Despondence and the version is 0.1.13. The game’s story is about Of Devotion and Despondence a visual novel with heavy RPG elements that follows the journey of a man exiled to a shifting world, a place where humans are not expected to survive for long. It is written in first-person narrative and tells an emotional story that focuses on mature prose, romance, and erotic scenes.​

Developer: Earliestbird
File Size: 305 MB
Version: 0.1.13
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v 0.1.12:

Major gameplay update!

New (experimental) gameplay mechanic: Skirmish! The base now gets attacked every 20 days, challenging the main character and his girls in every stat. At least 3 victories out of 6 are needed to win the Skirmish, receiving skillpoints to spend among the MC and the residents as a reward. Defeat will take away some resources (NOT Essence), but don’t worry – losing a Skirmish will never result in game over.

Added Active Talents! Spend resources to modify and augment the skills of residents in interesting ways. Active Talents are unlocked by building ‘Living Quarters’.

The player and residents start with 10 skillpoints to spend by default.

New skill graphics for the residents screen. Girl skills now have a maximum limit of 100 by default.

The Dice have fallen. The first event where the MC struggles with his depression is now in the game.

  • Added new random daily event: Traveling Merchant (can appear from day 50)
  • Added the option to show resources during events.
  • Changed the “Accident” event to only appear after 25 days have passed (previously 5)
  • To reduce early grinding, the day 2 ‘Cellar’ event now gives more resources. Resources gained from the repeatable adventure events were also greatly increased.
  • Increased the cost of some buildings (Essence Nets, etc) and reduced the cost of some other buildings (Smelter, etc).
  • Slightly increased the game’s base volume.
  • Searching in cities is now twice as fast.
  • Added a notification if New Rozan discounts are already active (they cannot be stacked)
  • New visuals for tutorials.
  • Fixed some tooltip display bugs.
  • Added the Credits screen! Patreon supporters now get recognition ingame. Love you guys <3

Note: There’s a few things to address about Skirmish.

1) Balance is highly subject to change – feedback is everything. Please let me know what you liked, disliked, and what changes you think would make this feature a better experience.
2) You are not supposed to win every Skirmish. Sometimes it’s better to accept defeat ahead of time and mitigate the resource loss by spending as much as you can beforehand.
3) Skirmish was designed with Active and Passive Talents in mind, but Passive Talents are not in the game yet. I’m working hard to make this a reality as soon as possible.

v 0.1.11:

A revision update that addresses a large amount of player feedback!

  • Revamped / expanded the intro at certain places to flesh out the main character more. Some adventure events that touch on the main storyline also received this treatment.
  • Added 2 early girl events for Raven, pacing out the growth of the relationship more. Also made small changes to already existing girl-events, including a new picture for ‘The Unfortunate Shed’.
  • Continued Raven’s story with 1 new girl event, told from her point of view.
  • Added the first girl event for Dalena. Also changed her name to Dalena
  • Added 1 new erotic event in the mansion with Bonni the vampire.
  • Changed multiple images for Raven, including her profile icon.
  • Fixed several early pictures with major AI weirdness going on. Added new cumshot pictures for early erotic events.
  • The save menu can now be accessed during the intro.

v 0.1.9:

– The Collection is here! Acting as a breeding minigame, players can reveal a random card from the collection for every impregnation. Not only are these cards nice to look at, but they also provide various bonuses based on rarity (Common, Elevated, and Legendary).
The collection unlocks in New Rozan when you acquire the Mirror of Spirits.

Note: I’m aware right now there are only about 5 breeding events in the game. The plan is to add more and more with new updates until it’s possible to unlock most of the collection.

  • Changed the appearance of D’Alena
  • Fixed the Old Rozan unmade fight not increasing the “Unmade Killed” stat.
  • Small enemy stat adjustments
  • Fixed typos


  • Added the ability to skip unseen text in preferences – now catching up to your old save should be much quicker and easier!
  • Fixed the broken tooltips

Note: Don’t know why the RenPy build distribution broke the tooltips, so I’m back to doing it manually.

v 0.1.6:

  • A large amount of UI improvements and overhauls!
  • The character screen has been updated, and now includes a page that displays various stats.
  • The combat screen has been remade with improved visuals and more QoL (like enemy bodyparts highlighting on hover)
  • The adventure screen‘s text and icons have been replaced, with persistent locations having their own distinctive icons.
  • Updated several other screens such as yes/no prompts, preferences, save and load menu, residents stat menu, etc.
  • Added a hidden (Magnetic) event to the tower trader.
  • Added more dialogue to the oracle portal event.
  • To bring ARCA lategame more in line, each enemy bodypart now has a maximum of 5 instability (so 15 total)
  • Passive healing can now heal to full HP
  • Fixed some typos
  • Item balance changes (Heart-Hold now heals 20 instead of 25, but is significantly cheaper)
  • Adjusted several background variables for future use (Maximum HP, Bonus Shield, etc)

Developer Notes:

Hey there! You’re looking at an early version of my game, a novel-with-visuals that aims to focus on three things: to provide a genuine romantic experience, dripping erotic scenes, and fun / original gameplay.

Currently the game is still barebones content-wise but there are many features already in place. There’s a fully working combat system, out-of-combat stats used during events, an inventory screen that ties into the day-cycle with the fusing mechanic, the residents screen for future girls, and the very beginnings of the building system.

The game might be buggy as hell. I only started my journey as a programmer a few months prior, so I apologize in advance for the myriad of technical issues that are surely on the horizon.

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Of Devotion and Despondence [v0.1.13] By Earliestbird

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