My Girlfriend & My Futa Grandma [v0.8] By Icarus Media

My Girlfriend & My Futa Grandma [v0.8] By Icarus Media

Icarus Media Games released a new game called My Girlfriend & My Futa Grandma and the version is 0.8. The game’s story is about He was always loving of his mother and his Grandma, not really caring about the concealed man meat between their legs. So it was that the Male MC (default name: ‘Sir Roderick Ponce Von Fondlebottom’), was more than happy when, finally getting a smoking hot French Girlfriend (default name: ‘Baguette’) to not mind when Grandma, a widow after her husband died, asked if he minded her going after his girlfriend when she got the horn. Follow the story in this Renpy Visual Novel! Whose perspective? Well the Boyfriend of course! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! All 4 perspectives!!! That’s right…4 perspectives for the price of 1! Act now and receive a free air guitar! Features a nice slow build up, I intend for you to get invested in the characters.​

Developer: Icarus Media
File Size: 2.94 GB
Version: 0.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • * Grandma and Girlfriend sex (finally)
  • * Mum interacting with Unit.
  • * Mum being a nurse.
  • * Baguette comparing semen flavours.
  • * Training with Grandma again.
  • * Meeting another couple doing the same thing.


  • * Asking for 2nd date [DONE] 15:49 15/11/2022
  • * 2nd date scene with Baguette. [DONE] 19:48 19/11/2022
  • * Oral scene. [DONE] 23:10 19/11/2022


  • * Eating in cafe. (With femboy waiter) [DONE] 16:34 13/11/2022
  • * Bumming femboy in cafe toilets. [DONE] 00:17 14/11/2022


  • * Night Talk 3 [DONE] 15:22 15/11/2022
  • * Day out together in Park. [DONE] 20:28 15/11/2022
  • * Examining unit more closely. [DONE] 18:08 19/11/2022
  • * Asking for 2nd Date. [DONE] 15:49 15/11/2022
  • * Night Talk 4 [DONE] 01:02 20/11/2022
  • * Audio tease in Kitchen. [DONE] 14:43 15/11/2022


  • * Night Talk 3 [DONE] 15:22 15/11/2022
  • * Day out together in Park. [DONE] 20:28 15/11/2022
  • * Examining unit more closely. [DONE] 18:08 19/11/2022
  • * 2nd Date Scene. [DONE] 19:48 19/11/2022
  • * Oral with Grandma [DONE] 23:10 19/11/2022
  • * Night Talk 4 [DONE] 01:02 20/11/2022
  • * Kitchen scene [DONE] 14:43 15/11/2022
  • P.S. Oral scenes in this version and the upcoming patreon version 0.8 has sex scenes with Grandma!

Developer Notes:

Is this NTR?
It’s a Netorase rather than Netorare novel, but I asked the tag be put in anyway. Full permission will be given for Grandma to clap cheeks like someone just refused her pension at the post office.

Will the Mum get involved?
Yes. That can happen once she discovered her boy is alright with it all.

Is X unavoidable?
The futa stuff? No. The sharing stuff? Yeah I plan on an option for the boyfriend to refuse, they go onto get married, have kids and Grandma dies a lonely death from internal blue balls. You monster!

Will the boyfriend be having sex?
Oh most certainly yes, I don’t plan on this being the whole ‘Ha Ha now your woman is my woman’ ugly bastard/blonde bodybuilder NTR porn. It’ll be a nice wholesome story of a family cumming together…in one girl.

Will there be incest?
I’m trying to avoid any interactions between the family members as I am still on patreon and to be honest I want them to focus on the none family member girlfriend.

Will the girlfriend get stolen away?
Absolutely not by the Mum or Grandma.

Will there be humiliation?
Maybe a bit of light playful banter, but if you mean completely demeaning the male character no.

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My Girlfriend & My Futa Grandma [v0.8] By Icarus Media

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