Moving Out [Day 6b] By APA

Moving Out [Day 6b] By APA

APA Games released a new game called Moving Out and the version is Day 6b. The game’s story is about After being cockblocked by your Christian mom for far too long, moving out seems to be the only remedy. Apparently, this seems to work wonders! You can start your own haram now! However… Not all the girls in your harem should ethically be there… But who cares! Maybe a bit of revenge is in order, with your mom keeping you from this for so long! Warning! This game’s story is completely irrelevant, and only serves the purpose of sexy time.​

Developer: APA
File Size: 583.8 MB
Version: Day 6b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v. day 6b

  • Changed versioning to revolve around the days.
  • 383-ish individual renders
  • 4 different animation, with a total of 12 variations combined! (I dunno, didn’t actually count them)
  • a few silly animations
  • Music and sounds added


  • Game style changed from sandbox to VN.
  • 600+ images
  • 3 animations
  • lots of irrelevant story to set up sex stuff next update.

Developer Notes:

The game has changed from v. 0.01 to v. 0.1. It used to be a sandbox, but i have decided to change it to a VN as it’s more stressfree as i’m learning the whole process of making a game.

Game Images & Screenshots



Moving Out [Day 6b] By APA

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