Misfits [Part 2 v15.0] By Slow Burn Games

Misfits [Part 2 v15.0] By Slow Burn Games

Slow Burn Games released a new game called Misfits and the version is Part 2 v15.0. The game’s story is about follows the escapades of a group of lads eager to lose their cherry before they leave college. As the player, you make choices that affect the attitude of the women you encounter. This story is a prequel to my first game (see below) and you will encounter some of the characters from that game.

Developer: Slow Burn
File Size: 1.70 GB
Version: Part 2 v15.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v14.0 is in Early Release today, starting with Hard Boiled Patrons and above

  • 316 new renders
  • 14 new anim

Part 2 v13.1

  • 320+ new renders
  • 9 new anims

v12 Part 2

  • 315 new renders
  • 5 new anims

Developer Notes:

First episode Beta in early release ThenThe first episode of the new Game “Misfits” is in early release today starting with higher tier Patrons (links in posts below) Please be aware this is a Beta release and may change substantially before the final release. This is because it’s the first episode and there may be continuity issues which only settle down after when two or three chapters (eg is a character introduced too late, is the character too ugly for future events). Please let me have feedback, good or bad. If the game is terrible then I’d like to know early! I’ve checked the game through a few times but there may be bugs I’ve missed so again, please let me know if you find any so I can fix them before final release at the end of the month. The plan is get chapter 3 ready for the 1st march.

Game Images & Screenshots



v9.2 (Part1)

Misfits [Part 2 v15.0] By Slow Burn Games

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