Mind and Magic [v0.04] By SleepDeprivedAxolotl

Mind and Magic [v0.04] By SleepDeprivedAxolotl

SleepDeprivedAxolotl Games released a new game called Mind and Magic and the version is 0.04. The game’s story is about You being a young adult with not much luck in life. After your father disappeared taking your mother with him, you had a really hard time keeping yourself alive. You got the chance to move to a small town aside from the city, and after hearing some rumors about strange things happening, you got convinced to go investigate. There was more than you thought and you got new abilities that you’ll use to hypnotize all the girls you want. You’ll be able to discover the world you’re in while getting better at magic, and getting more girls under your control.

Developer: SleepDeprivedAxolotl
File Size: 150.2 MB
Version: 0.04
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

(Older save files may cause bugs like: Malfuctioning of the maps, malfuctioning of the question, unability to trigger some events.)


  • 2 new events for Alice
  • 1 new event for Liz
  • 1 new event wih Audrey
  • Added a new character
  • Added new maps
  • Added a save file at the end of 0.03 (Default name is “TEST”, it can be changed at the memory room)
  • Updated points given by the girls’ events
  • Upgraded Liz’s sprite
  • Fixed some typos and bugs
  • Fixed initial 0.04 bugs
  • Removed testing NPCs

Developer Notes:

The game is still in early developement so please have some patience. (Inside the game there’s a save file at the end of 0.03, old save files will cause bugs).

Game Images & Screenshots


Mind and Magic [v0.04] By SleepDeprivedAxolotl

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