Love’s Champion [v0.5.5 Public] By Grimaga

Love’s Champion [v0.5.5 Public] By Grimaga

Grimaga Games released a new game called Love’s Champion and the version is 0.5.5. The game’s story is about A new city, new money, and new powers from the Goddess of Love. Wait for what? Chosen as the champion of the Goddess of Love, set out on a journey of rekindling old flames, meeting new girls, and touching the lives of everyone around you. Love’s Champion is a game where your choices mean everything, from how much your girls love you, to how much they want to jump your bones. With hundreds of unique frames and animations, we’re ready to bring an ambitious new project to the table! ​

Developer: Grimaga
File Size: 4.58 GB
Version: 0.5.5 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Eloise’s interactions have been updated – She’s a little picky about the mood, so do set it right.
  • Eloise’s Knitted Schoolwear scene has been added
  • Eloise’s Dancing Queen scene has been added
  • Eloise’s Monochrome Idol scene has been added
  • Eloise’s Seductive Sweater scene has been added
  • You can now speak to Eloise.


  • Lia has 4 new outfit exclusive scenes
  • You can now interact with Lia in her 4 new outfits.
  • [Now Public] You can walk in on Lia in the shower (and join her if her intimacy is high enough)


  • Fixed a logic error which would prevent you from playing Aria’s story quests 8-12
  • [Now Public] You can walk in on Aria in the shower (and join her if her intimacy is high enough)


  • (Probably) Fixed a bug where Lia’s introduction scenes were not registering
  • Bathroom icon has been added.

v0.5.2 Apartment and Map Update

  • Map Changes
  • [Patreon exclusive] Bathroom has been added
  • Map has been updated (Like actually massively updated)
  • Living room has been updated
  • Dining Room has been updated
  • Bedroom has been updated
  • Lobby has been added
  • Aria’s Room has been added
  • Lia’s Room has been added
  • Eloise’s Room has been added (Talk to her at her college dorm at night to ask her to move in)
  • Serah’s room has been added
  • Bar has been updated
  • College Seminar Room has been updated
  • Gym has been updated
  • Office has been updated


  • Introduction has been rewritten
  • Half of the introduction has now been re-rendered
  • Sound Update! – There is now music, woo
  • New GUI – Looks pretty fresh, don’t you think? Old saves may look a little funky in the load screen, but they should work just fine. (If it bothers you, just load and re-save)
  • Serah and Eloise’s affection screens are now online.
  • You now get notified of stat changes.

Seasonal Event – Christmas
Christmas is here! How well do you know the girls and what they like? If you choose well, you could be rewarded. (Talk to Love from your living room window to find this event)


Focus on one stat in the early game and that will open the doors to other choices. At the end of the introduction (first 6 days), one of your main stats (Charm of Confidence) should be at around 70-80, allowing you to clear most if not all of the checks for that stat. Even if you choose every wrong decision, you can make up for the stat losses at the gym.

You can go to the gym to increase confidence and charm as often as you like. As of 0.4.0, no check requires more than 90.

You can also increase your knowledge and reputation as often as you like by clicking on the television in the living room. As of 0.4.0, no check requires more than 25.

Game Images & Screenshots


Love’s Champion [v0.5.5 Public] By Grimaga

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