LifePlay [v5.26] By Vinfamy

LifePlay [v5.26] By Vinfamy

Vinfamy Games released a new game called LifePlay and the version is 5.26. The game’s story is 5.17 about LifePlay is a life simulation RPG that allows you to play in 186+ real-world cities. The game has extensive character customization and includes 632+ scenes, depicting life situations where your choice matters. The 3D sex scenes have 250+ animations, accompanied by well-written erotica. With a new update every 2 or 3 weeks since its first release in April 2018, the game already has a lot of playable content you can enjoy for tens of hours.

It’s also very moddable – click on “Third Party Mods” from the main menu to check out what modders have made, or check the Docs folder to start modding yourself. The game covers many different fetishes, but all of them are optional and can be disabled / enabled depending on your taste. ​

Developer: Vinfamy
File Size: 2.01 GB
Version: 5.26
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • This updates focuses on At Work. As promised the last time At Work got an update, this update doesn’t just add new content for the office job, instead it adds a new career path and content associated with it: politics, namely running for and working as the mayor of your city.
  • A multi-stage quest (hotkey Q to access the Quest menu) to run a campaign for mayor against a main rival. You can play fair (by trying to win endorsement from different influencers on the political spectrum without alienating your own base), and/or mix in some quid pro quo sex, and/or use dirty tricks on your rival.
  • Once you’ve won, you’re given an office where you can hire aides that can help your performance as mayor and who you can end up sleeping with. You’re also given a bunch of actions to improve various aspects of the city: economy, health, security, education, transport and culture. Each action can lead to scenes involving meeting new people and some dodgy under-the-table business.
  • New stat for both player and NPCs: ‘Political leaning’ with 100 being far right and -100 being far left.
  • Rapport and attraction with new NPCs you meet and introduce yourself to in the city will receive a boost or a penalty depending how well you’re doing as mayor and how alligned their political leaning is with yours.


  • This is the Kink of the Month update focusing on Polyamorous. This is an optional module disabled by default. Enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager. Also, you’ll need to agree to poly first with your first partner first by clicking on them and suggesting open relationship.
  • When using a dating app (the standard one, not the interracial or old-young one) with the Poly module enabled, you can look for other poly couples to swing with instead
  • If the ‘Doggy’ module is enabled, you can give your blessing to a polyamorous partner in that regard
  • If you’re on a nice date with a poly partner, they may insist that another poly partner of yours that they get along with join you
  • If you have enough poly partners with the opposite gender as you, they may offer a (reverse) gangban g for you. You can simply enjoy yourself or suggest they do it for someone else you know so that you can have a big boost in rapport with this person, most useful would be with your boss (higher chance of promotions) or university lecturer (better grades).
  • If you’re pregnant and one of your poly partner is female, she may insist she gets impregnated by the same baby daddy so that the kids will be blood related.
  • If you’re in a fraternity / sorority, you may be asked to share a poly partner with all your frat bros / sorority sisters.
  • 4 more options for the “Manage poly relationships” that you can take at home:
  • + Matchmake this poly partner with someone from your contacts as their ‘other partner’
  • + Encourage this poly partner and their other partner to try for a baby
  • + Select this poly partner to matchmake with another poly partner
  • + Matchmake this poly partner with the previously selected poly partner
  • On another note, the next update (V5.23 – ETA 28 January) is ‘Cowgirl’ but I will be working on bug fixes as well (the last bugfix-only update was v5.15 so quite a while back now). So please report any bugs you find currently in the game between now and 27 Jan to the Bugs channel on Discord.


  • This is the Kink of the Month update focusing on Doggy (Best… position). For detailed change logs, check Docs/Change_Logs.txt inside the downloaded archive above or check F95.
  • (With Mysterious Modder’s Unofficial Patch installed)
  • If a character (NPC or PC) gets impregnated by a horse, she’ll have a noticeably bigger belly during the pregnancy
  • An NPC, not just the player, can now give birth to an animal. If the NPC is a relative living with you or your SO, you can choose to adopt the animal.
  • Some futa / girl with strapon on dog animations
  • Some futa / girl with strapon on horse animations
  • Make sure new animals you can adopt are generated with largely positive likes_… stats for sex
  • You can now click on an animal you own and select ‘Go to the wilderness’ for some outdoor fun
  • If your dance stat is low and on a date with someone you’re interested in, you may decide to sexy dance and striptease to seduce them. You end up embarrassing yourself and scaring your date off so you decide to practice. You need an audience to practice so your dog comes to mind.
  • When sleeping with high arousal, you suddenly wake up with a wet bed and a relieved sensation. You assume you’ve been masturbating in your sleep until one night you’re awaken in the middle of your pet dog’s act.
  • You can’t get over an ex and your pet dog consoles you
  • If you’re not dating any human and has a relative living with you with the same gender and sexual orientation as you, they complain about the unfulfilled needs of being single and the pain of betrayal in the past and ask you how you seem to cope so well. You could share your secret and boast about how loyal your animal lover is. You can then demonstrate it.
  • If you demonstrated in the above scene, you come home from work one day to them having a try themselves. You can get angry or match-make them with your current pet or another.
  • If you match-make, you come home sometimes with the interspecies couple going at it and you could join.


  • This is the Kink of the Month update focusing on Fantasy Races. As promised the last time Fantasy Races won, this time, the update doesn’t just add new scenes. Instead, it introduces a new fantasy race to the game: catgirl.
  • Add 5 different sets of textures and a pair of custom ears for catgirls to the game
  • You can make your female PC (or any female NPC in your contacts) a catgirl by going into Esc > Edit Appearance > Skin > scroll down to the bottom of the face texture list > select one of the five catgirl textures. The ears will automatically change as soon as you select a catgirl texture.
  • You can also simply use the “Randomize Whole Character” button and select catgirl from the race dropdown list
  • Add a new percentage setting in Esc > Customize NPC Distribution for catgirls so that new NPCs generated in the game now has a chance to be catgirls as well.

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Update Only: (requires v5.0 Stable or later)

LifePlay [v5.26] By Vinfamy

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