Keep Her [v0.6.1 Alpha] By keepherdev

Keep Her [v0.6.1 Alpha] By keepherdev

keepherdev Games released a new game called Dungeon: Keep Her and the version is 0.6.1 Alpha. The game’s story is about Building and designing your dungeon, guarding your riches, having your minions harvest gold, and creating new technologies, for your nefarious purposes! It would all be so easy, if not for those pesky invaders always trying to foil our plans… Luckily, they’re not bad looking and once we put our hands on them, I’m sure we can think of a use or two for their… motivation.​

Developer: keepherdev
File Size: 121.3 MB
Version: 0.6.1 Alpha
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

v0.6.1 Alpha

  • Basic prisoner conversion and recruitment
  • Character relationship stats with the player
  • Character needs
  • New Dialogue system
  • New Researchable Buildings: Farm and Trading Post
  • New Global Market system
  • Better character naming
  • Invaders will now use items from their inventory if needed
  • Invaders can now be given mercy and be allowed to escape
  • Fixes: Possible fix to invaders getting stuck on death
  • And other small changes!

v0.4.1 Alpha

  • New “Jail Cell” room. Unlocks the imprisoning of captured invaders.
  • New “Stockpile” room. Unlocks the inventory and increases dungeon storage capacity.
  • New “Workshop” room. Unlocks item crafting and boosts the production of surrounding rooms.
  • Added Inventory screen, along with some new items.
  • Added Item Crafting screen, along with a craftable prisoner Shackle.
  • Added Jail Cell inspection screen and basic prisoner interaction.
  • Invaders now carry looteable items.
  • Added a way to “Give up” during an invasion, ending it sooner.
  • The cost of expanding is now tied to how far you are building from the Entrance room.
  • Among other minor things and bug fixes.

Developer Notes:

[Manage Mode]

  • Move around with WASD or the mouse
  • Expand by building rooms adjacent to your dungeon
  • To build new facilities, click empty rooms, and select “Build”
  • You can buy most things with Gold
  • Tech is used to do research or reduce invasion risk
  • Garrison or population points are used to determine how many guards can defend your dungeon at once
  • To hire a guard, select any room and click “Place Guard”
  • Gems are used for special interactions, like banishing invaders

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Keep Her [v0.6.1 Alpha] By keepherdev

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