Just Bros [v1.19.2.4] By Ello Fat Dog

Just Bros [v1.19.2.4] By Ello Fat Dog

Ello Fat Dog Games released a new game called Just Bros and the version is The game’s story is about Be my Bro​

Developer: Ello Fat Dog
File Size: 1.02 GB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details


This concludes the fight club arc.

  • + This episode will branch out to 3 different routes, all routes have their own unique CGs.
  • + Additional CGs is unlocked if your fighting skill is at level 2
  • + The ending section requires you to have save yan in previous chapter to unlock the happy ending for this chapter

There are 32 new CGs in this chapter.

  • Fix Mikhail’s dialogue showing up as Mia.
  • Added stats checking at the start of the chapter. There is an issue where fighting skill is not displayed during stats check. Your fighting skill will just be shown when you start the chapter instead.
  • A lot of players are confused where to increase your fighting skills to win the fight. There are 2 instances where you can train with Yan, in chapter 11 & chapter 13. You have to save Yan from Griff to unlock these training sessions too. This is to reward players who chose to train with Yan in the earlier chapters
  • Winning the fight will just show alternate CG where you win the fight duh & a bonus +5 affection with Yan. All CGs will sent to vanilla patrons in full HD next month

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Just Bros [v1.19.2.4] By Ello Fat Dog

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