High School Master [v0.209] By Pervy Bunny Games

High School Master [v0.209] By Pervy Bunny Games

Pervy Bunny Games released a new game called High School Master and the version is 0.209. The game’s story is about Zack a young scientist… He lives with the love of his whole life: Lisa… She’s adorable! Lilly, youngest Lisa’s sister, is with them… They are so happy together… Unfortunately, bills to pay and the cost of life will force Zack to accept a new job… He will be… Well… You’ll learn it by playing the game, we don’t want to spoil too much… But we have to say that he will do his thing at Ben Dover High School… A school frequented by the most lovely and cute girls in the city!!! 🙂

Developer: Pervy Bunny Games
File Size: 477.4 MB
Version: 0.209
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details


Sex scene with Lisa

A new release for you, involving new scenes with Tinetta in a new spicy outfit, Clarissa and Nancy doing hot things, and new super hot moments with Lisa!


  • New scenes with Karolina, Lilly and Lisa about the diary completed!


  • New item to buy that unlock new scenes with Lilly, Lisa and Karolina


  • New sex scenes involving Angela


  • new sex scene among Angela and a student and some new stuff among Fiona and Desmond


  • New scenes about Fiona and Desmond

Developer Notes:

We worked at several previous project about NSFW graphics and visual novels, cooperating with several companies and artists… Now we will create our own projects!

The aim is to give to our supporters a product very very close to the one they want, according to all the feedback we received in the last years… So feel free to try our new games and to give us your opinions, hints, suggestions and more and more!!!

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High School Master [v0.209] By Pervy Bunny Games

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