Hero Corruption 2 [v0.25] By diogaoo

Hero Corruption 2 [v0.25] By diogaoo

diogaoo Games released a new game called Hero Corruption 2 and the version is 0.25. The game’s story is about Playing as a Hero in this Roguelike RPG: Fight girls and challenge yourself for the highest score while preserving your Hero’s sanity. Will your Hero be a Legend or a Sex Slave?​

Developer: diogaoo
File Size: 127.9 MB
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details



  • Mobile UI has been reworked
  • All choice buttons are now at the bottom of the screen for easier access
  • Some text formats and sizes have been readjusted
  • This new version was practically playtested entirely on the mobile, so I personally think it’s much more comfortable, but please let me know what you guys think about it.


  • For now bonus attributes can only be acquired through the new accessories
  • They are very similar to normal attributes, but should help in the completion of possible builds and individualize each hero
  • At the moment, the only practical difference is that they cannot be decreased by enemy moves, but I already have plans for them in the next updates


  • Enemy increased spawn times are now randomized every new run
  • The increased spawn times can still be seen on their profile screens and these are updated accordingly
  • This means you still have some control over which enemies you want to fight, but if you’re just exploring blindly, there will be more enemy diversity, which should improve replayability
  • The game now also tracks the amount of times a girl has been defeated in a single run
  • The enemy profile screen has been readjusted to accommodate this new addition and now also display the EXP gained from an encounter
  • This info is now being used to change the behavior of certain enemies (Olivia, Megan and Kali)
  • Charlotte (Swamp)

Charlotte likes diversity too, how about learning something from her?

Dixie can do it for pain or for pleasure, but thankfully it’s not up to you to decide

  • Added 2 new Equipments: STR Ring (Charlotte), VIT Ring (Dixie)
  • Added 2 new Bad Endings: Dixie, Charlotte
  • Added 4 new achievements
  • Added tooltips to all buffs and debuffs (These can be better described, yes, I agree)
  • Optimized Encounter coding


  • Being defeated no longer increases Addiction
  • Blue potions no longer reduces Corruption
  • Red and Purple potions no longer increase Corruption
  • Readjusted EXP and Gold gain
  • Decreased the amount of Addictions decreased by Blue Potion 3 > 2
  • Increased Church Corruption decrease cost 10 > 20
  • Decreased “Broken” Corruption Check base value 20 > 10
  • Decreased CON influence over “Broken” Status Effect
  • Anastasia now strips instantly after being defeated 4 times in a single run
  • Samantha Attack Increase by +15 after being defeated 4 times in a single run
  • April now changes her moveset earlier 6 defeats > 3 defeats
  • Kali Lust Check Decreased 50 > 30
  • Cindy Shemale Addiction Check Increased 12 > 15


  • Fixed Hannah BE triggering before her blowjob scene
  • Fixed Victoria Gallery displaying the incorrect amount of times defeated


  • The Swamp is here ! Get the new map with Janna and face new April, Kendra, Cindy and the new boss, Victoria.


April may look innocent, but she knows what men like

You don’t have to hide anything from Kendra, she knows how you feel.

You’re not sure, but there’s something about Cindy…

Victoria is actually very helpful, but her patience also has limits.


Accessories are back ! Look for Samantha if you want to have the first recipe in the game

A new legendary blade that seems to grow stronger along with its wielder

This new legendary weapon is for those of you who love to combo on your enemies and hate running out of stamina.


No luck with weapon recipes? This new unlockable good trait can help

Count on Victoria’s help to get this new good trait

Weapons are a thing of the past, but you don’t have to settle things just by talking either

Maybe Kendra is right, why hide it?


  • You can now sell materials at the shop
  • You can now store clothes in your backpack
  • You’re now able to buy the remaining materials on-the-fly while forging
  • Added 3 new Bad Endings: April, Cindy, Victoria
  • Added 11 new perks
  • Added 7 new achievements
  • Added 1 new Buff: Whirlwind
  • Renamed Knuckles to Gloves
  • Readjusted Loot
  • Readjusted EXP gain
  • CON now increase resistance to Broken status effect
  • Added Day Penalty to Final Score calculation
  • Added critical damage sfx
  • Improved Addiction Check screen
  • Improved all Shops screen


  • Decreased Gold gained from specific perks +10, +20, +30 > +5, +10, +10
  • Increased Icepick crit chance 10% > 20%
  • Decreased Claire‘s HP 500 > 350
  • Decreased Amy‘s chance of applying Confused debuff 100% > 40%
  • Decreased Amy‘s Confused base react time 120s > 100s
  • Decreased Samantha‘s HP 150 > 130
  • Decreased “Ass Worshiper” Addiction Check debuff 5 > 2


  • Fixed last two perks not increasing Points
  • Fixed Claire Restrained debuff not being cleared
  • Fixed Megan spawn decreased
  • Fixed Samantha spawn decreased

Game Images & Screenshots

Hero Corruption 2

Hero Corruption 1

Hero Corruption 2 [v0.25] By diogaoo

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