Going for goal [v0.02] By DarkSkell

Going for goal [v0.02] By DarkSkell

DarkSkell Games released a new game called Going for goal and the version is 0.02. The game’s story is about The basis of the game is that you are a footballer with a lot of potentials. Hell, you could even be the best already. This is your journey of discovery. From unexpected and dire situations to a whole new level of hope. Find your future and wealth as well as your fame. Perhaps even delve into your past and discover things you never even knew. Meet new people along the way… maybe even bed them if you’re lucky. Bring those you leave behind with you for a new life in a different country.​

Developer: DarkSkell
File Size: 1011.0 MB
Version: 0.02
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Recreated 0.01 since everything was wiped. Updated to page with up to date images from 0.01 and 0.02.


Developer Notes:

Please note that all characters are aged 18 and above. I am currently developing an adult Visual Novel under the name of Going for goal. And most importantly I hope you enjoy it..

Game Images & Screenshots


Going for goal [v0.02] By DarkSkell

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