Girl Life [v0.8.9.1] By community project

Girl Life [v0.8.9.1] By community project

community project Games released a new game called Girl Life and the version is The game’s story is about This game is about the simulated life of a woman containing elements of RPG, strategy, porn, and magical combat. You may choose what kind of life the character will live according to your play style, conscience, or even personal beliefs. There are many choices to make in this game, will you be a saint or a sinner?

Developer: community project
File Size: 63.9 MB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • Photography shop – started migration over to new event system and preparing for new content
  • Mira”s 3 wishes Added to the Quest Journal by Derryth_Love and Anya
  • Lazar now has a chance of having Ivan over when you call him for sex, which can lead to a foursome with the two boys and Katja from bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
  • Watching movies with Katja at her dorm from bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
  • Therapist hotel visit from Hidden Flame
  • New Kolka scene from Lurk
  • New scenes for Ksenya in her shop and rewrite of her exhibitionist events by Hidden Flame
  • NPC preferences set by nutluck for reactions written by GregWayland and some others and coded by bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr. Only a couple of npc seeded atm but it will work for all
  • Sonia prefall home chat by nutluck.
  • Encounter with Nat and Nat at the Coffeee Hole when hanging out with Katja by BBZ01
  • Some schol girls can give you tampons or pads if you need them by hornguy6
  • Can fight against park rapist now thanks to Hornguy6
  • “Kev made me do it” from Vengenace_11
  • Nush will now interact with the player character and Katja at the Coofffee Hole with the help of nutluck, from bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr
  • The nerd game night now continues at the Coffee Hole after the first year by nutluck.
  • the last round of hotcat votes to the npcs to the npcstatic files. for the uni kids, gad npcs etc from the last vote, data processed by nutluck
  • Rebalancing of willpower by bgkjdgbizgblzdgbr, Ratley, Kevin Smarts and several others
  • Seeding of new exposure attribute to clothing and underwear which now have attributes similar to clothing by Kevin Smarts

Developer Notes:

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Girl Life [v0.8.9.1] By community project

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