Flexible Survival [2023-03-10] By Nuku Valentines

Flexible Survival [2023-03-10] By Nuku Valentines

Nuku Valentines Games released a new game called Flexible Survival and the version is 2023-03-10. The game’s story is about Its storyline is based in a not-too-distant past of 2008, containing science fiction elements about a nanite-based virus outbreak and its mutation-inducing consequences. The game is based on roleplay and classic hack N slash combat, supporting both a web interface as well as a standard MU* telnet client.​

Developer: Nuku Valentines
File Size: 445.3 MB
Version: 2023-03-10
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Blanche and Woofs: You can now manually set what how you want your children to refer to you in addition to the existing Mom/Dad and Mommy/Daddy.
  • Cock Cannon: Our lovable cock monsters have gotten a slight redesign and shiny new artwork to go with that. Go check it out, but watch out for the blasts.
  • Damien: Received a complete rewrite of the events prior to his reappearance at the Hellfire Club. More specifically, his introduction and the scavenging events were revamped, as well as some part of his backstory, all the way until you meet him again at the Club. These changes are meant to be a part of a overhaul process for human Damien which drastically alters his personality to better flow with subsequent optional events that see him transformed into a demonic dragonmorph. From that point onwards, expect to find yet some inconsistency in his sex scenes and dialogue from other NPCs, which will be addressed only in future patches.
  • Demon Fox infection: Changed to fit Kal’ Ren’s new appearance.
  • Diavoborg: The red behemoth has seen a minor addition in the form of a new dialogue option in his talk menu to converse about Vuukzasqig after he has been captured with his help.
  • Fang: Fang can become a more gentle alpha if you have shown him sufficient compassion. Instead of asking him to be your beta, you can trust him with leadership.
  • Kal’ Ren: All existing content has been given a fresh coat of paint. His appearance has been clarified, and 3 new scenes have been added for those that submit to him on their first meeting.(with 6 different extra passages for players, including special scenes for those carrying the kinky, twisted capacity feats.) To access the new scenes, summon him again after he apologizes to you and you’ve submitted to him once.
  • Lindsey: Lindsey may now invite you back to his home where you can meet his former boyfriend and two of the wolftaur’s recent recruits.
  • Nerdy Mouse (Wesley): The nerdy mouse you can run into on the campus was expanded quite a bit, giving him an actual name and personality. You’ll be able to interact nicely with him (if you surrender or defeat him without being mean), or… not so nicely (got bullying options and a sex menu along that track). Be aware that he’ll never trust someone who abuses him again. Meanwhile, on the nice side, there’s the option to have some consentual fun with each other after you get to know him (after you talk to him first, at the earliest in your second meeting – gotta build some trust).
  • Sturm: Witness Sturm play against his mother at chess along with a brief glimpse into his past.
  • Tristian: The stallion of the Palomino has gotten some new artwork to his name.
  • Wyvern Patriarch/Vuukzasqig: Vuukzasqig has finally received a talk menu, so it is now possible to speak to him.

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Flexible Survival [2023-03-10] By Nuku Valentines

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