FEMTALITY [v0.7.3] By Aerisetta

FEMTALITY [v0.7.3] By Aerisetta

Aerisetta Games released a new game called FEMTALITY and the version is 0.7.3. The game’s story is about Aerisetta, the Succubus Princess, who dreams of becoming the strongest fighter in the universe! Unfortunately for her, her succubus attacks only serve to sexually arouse her opponents…but perhaps she can still figure out a way to make them submit…

FEMTALITY is a fast-paced, action-packed side-scrolling Team Based Beat Em Up that focuses on deep combat mechanics. If you like combos, air juggling, and tag team combat, this is the game for you! As of 0.7.0, the game has over 300 FEMTALITY FINISHERS HCG scenes, Femdom Themed hentai scenes with dialogue that play when the player “finishes” their enemies.

Developer: Aerisetta
File Size: 499.8 MB
Version: 0.7.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

1/2/2023 – V0.7.0D

  • TAG MODE is now available: Aerisetta, Lisina and Hero are usable.
  • Select a team of three characters to defeat your enemies.
  • The game play is completely revamped.

Move List

Move List

Light Attack x 4-5 times performs a standard combo
Pressing Heavy Attack during the Light Attack combo will have different Heavy Attacks/Ability based which previous Light Attack was used.
Think of Dynasty Warriors

AERISETTA (Succubus Princess)
ABILITY: Air Dash/Double Jump
SUPER: Time Stop – Aerisetta gains invulnerabilty for a moment, all enemies are slowed down.
L L L L L – Standard Combo
L H – Launch Kick
L L H – Bum Rush (Causes Wallbounce)
L L L H – Grab Rush (Hold enemy and throw/tease them)
L L L L H – Launch Kick
L L L L L H H H H – Ultimate Combo 

Jump L L L – Standard Aerial Combo
Jump Down L or H – Smash Down
Jump Up L – Aerial Launch
Jump > Jump – Double Jump
Jump + Dodge – Air Dash

LISINA (Elf Madame)
ABILITY: Butterfly Bomb – Summon a butterfly that chases down the nearest enemy and explodes after a set period of time. Launches enemy into the air.
SUPER: Healing Circle – Creates a healing circle on the ground for 20 seconds. Player characters that stand in the circle are healed over time.
L L L L L – Standard Combo
L H – Very High Launch Kick
L L H – Fast Count Down Butteryfly Bomb
L L L H – 2 x Immediate Explode Butterfly Bomb + 1 x Fast Count Down Butteryfly Bomb

HERO (A Male Hero)
SUPER: Haste – Negate all enemy attacks for a period of time.
L – Heavy Thrust that makes enemies bounce off walls.
H – Heavy Slash that finishes off enemies, use after Heavy Thrust for easier combo.
Jump L – HERO can’t jump, but he does have a very strong heavy attack! You’ll have to figure out how to get him in the air though ^_^

VARINA (Military Woman)
ABILITY: Roundhouse Kick – Varina kicks the enemy far away. The kick is faster and does more damage when used after Varina’s light attack combo.
SUPER: Haste – Varina gains super human speed for a short period.
L L L L L – Standard Combo
L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 5%
L L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 20%
L L L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 50%
L L L L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 80%
L L L L L H – Standard Combo to Round House Kick 110%

YUKARI (Oni Ronin)
ABILITY: Speed Slash – – Yukari rushes forward and slashes her opponents in the blink of a eye, can be comboed up to three times.
SUPER: Full Screen Slash – Yukari slashes everyone
L L L L L L – Standard Combo
H H H – Fast Combo
H H H L – Fast Combo into Landing

Default Controls:


  • Up/Left/Down/Right – W/A/S/D
  • Jump – SPACEBAR
  • Light Attack – J
  • Heavy Attack – K
  • Super Attack – N
  • Dodge – Left Shift
  • Swap Character – Number Keys 1,2,3


  • Player 3 Light Attack – Character Slot 1
  • Player 3 Heavy/Attack – Character Slot 2
  • Player 3 Super Move – Character Slot 3

You can remap the keys in Options > Control Options.
You MUST remap the keys if you want to use controller, gamepad or joystick.

Game Images & Screenshots


FEMTALITY [v0.7.3] By Aerisetta

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