Evil 2 [v0.64] By community project

Evil 2 [v0.64] By community project

community project Games released a new game called Evil 2 and the version is 0.64. The game’s story is about This game is an open-world QSP-based RPG-style game. Much of the inspiration for this game comes from the original game EVIL with similar game mechanics and storylines. It is a lot different than the story-based visual novels where your hand is held throughout the game experience. No hand-holding is done in this game. All choices are up to you. You carve your own path in this game and you basically build/create your own story.

Developer: community project
File Size: 3.85 GB
Version: 0.64
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Bug Fixes
(most of these bugs were reported by players – thank you!)

  • Fixed a couple of bugs with virginity determination
  • The player can now get a tan
  • Fixed several bugs with Mabuta not knowing that you have whores and slaves
  • Fixed the Instant Slave cheat to properly train a slave so they will sign a slave contract
  • Home sex now closes any music that is playing so it doesn’t interfere with the video sound
  • Fixed a bug that could cause anal sex to give the wrong message
  • Fixed several bugs with deepthroating (home sex) that could cause issues with the player getting credit for deflowering a girl’s throat (several logic statements were in the wrong place)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause college girls to always reject going for a walk with you
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Mansion College Student’ event that could cause it to have the wrong value (stops progression to other events)
  • You can no longer give the gang slut surveillance and car jacking equipment
  • Misc small bug fixes

Changes & Improvements

  • Overhauled the client numbers and earnings for street whores. Should be greatly improved and more balanced.
  • NPCs who have served in the army will now have their soldier skill stat listed
  • Searching for debtors with your gang is now more effective (was super slow before)
  • Made small improvements to NPC generation
  • Made small improvements to NPC stories
  • Text improvements
  • Formatting improvements
  • Code cleanup

New Features

  • Pool Girl story – Part 2 (by noobtrain) (Part 1 was done by skybarbie)
  • Convince a married female NPC to divorce her husband (must have had sex with her, have an excellent relationship, a moderate reputation, and own the mansion)
  • Withhold drugs from a drug addict whore to try and get her clean – has a chance of failure where you lose the whore – a high incentive greatly improves your odds of keeping her – takes a week before you see the results
  • Change an NPC’s first and last name – must have an excellent relationship with the NPC (a side effect of this is that the NPC’s name won’t get changed in the player’s story/history since these entries were made in the past with the old name)
  • ‘Make her Squirt’ sex option (homesex) – added by M$hot

0.62 Beta (update)

Pool Girl – Part 1 – New Story

Basic Requirements to trigger this event:

  • Complete the ‘Family Trouble’ story
  • Complete the ‘Photo Drama’ event with your family
  • Have all of your combat skills leveled up to at least 1000 (boxing, kung-fu/martial arts, wrestling)
  • 200,000 caps
  • Upgrade your farm house
  • Own a pool at your mansion
  • Excellent relationship with the Chief of Police
  • Excellent relationship with Tony

As you can guess, this event starts at your mansion pool. Some players neglect the kung-fu/martial arts and wrestling skills which will be a pain to level up to 1000. If you want to cheat these stats use this cheat:

dynamic $d_pimp_me

Babysitter – New Event

Basic Requirements to trigger this event:

  • Complete the ‘Family Trouble’ story
  • Complete the ‘Photo Drama’ event with your family
  • Rent a server
  • 105,000 caps
  • Upgrade your farm house
  • Own a computer
  • Own a cool car or better
  • Hire a gourmet chef for your mansion (Mansion Management)

Developer Notes:

Differences between this game and the original game EVIL:

  • Vastly improved sex system with lots more image and video content
  • Vastly improved boxing system
  • Improved sex activity tracking and reporting
  • Improved character creation (heterosexual male start only)
  • Improved dating system
  • Improved nightclub
  • Improved strip club
  • Improved events
  • Improved mansion
  • Maids have a lot more options and most of the bugs with them have been fixed
  • Full virginity tracking and handling (vaginal, anal, throat)
  • Lots more game polish / fewer bugs
  • Male protagonist only – this will result in greater focus in the future. Playing a female or trans character in the original game was a mess and riddled with bugs. The content was also very thin, with only one picture or video available in most cases.
  • No trans, gay, lesbian, transformation, or feminization content.
  • 5 random/special events for the player to play through – largely done by jessicajones.
  • ‘Family Trouble’ is a new and unique story that allows you to interact and get to know your family (by noobtrain).

Please read the ‘Spoiler’ portion of the game ‘Overview‘ for additional information.

Game Images & Screenshots

(Read the ‘Requirements’ section before downloading!)
(Please read the Game Overview and FAQ before asking questions)
Win (v0.64 – Update only): MEGA – GDRIVE – GOFILE – MIXDROP – UPLOADHAVEN
Win (v0.59 – Update only – 4 GB): GDRIVE – MEGA – UPLOADHAVEN – GOFILE
Win (v0.55 Beta – Base Game – Required – 12 GB): GDRIVE – MEGA – UPLOADHAVEN – GOFILE

Evil 2 [v0.64] By community project

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