Erohazard [v0.4] By w0wthatscool

Erohazard [v0.4] By w0wthatscool

w0wthatscool Games released a new game called Erohazard and the version is 0.4. The game’s story is about A Biohazard fan parody game. Take control of an agent and team up with Clara during the zombie outbreak in Tanuki City. Battle Zombies, Hellhounds, Lickers and other monstrosities as you fight your way through the Police Department. while developing your with Clara and other characters. Future updates will include new characters, new enemies.

Developer: w0wthatscool
File Size: 437.3 MB
Version: 0.4
OS: Window
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Game progression up to synthesizing Vaccine

  • New Sewer Area
  • New Laboratory Area
  • 2 New Enemy Types + Grab CG + Variations
  • No new clothing Destruction yet
  • 1 New Weapon
  • 1 New Character Standing CG + Extra CG
  • 2 New Clara CG’s


  • Game progression up to recruiting Cheri
  • East Wing is accessible
  • Iron and Cheri Standing CG ( No facial reactions yet)
  • 2 New Enemy Types + Grab CG + Variations
  • Level 3 Clothing Destruction Applied to all CG
  • 2 New Weapons are accessible
  • 2 New Clara CG + Variations


  • Pressing Right during Combat will skip your turn so be careful.
  • Had a suggestion to find a way to turn off UI during combat. Will look into that.

Art Reworks

  • Dog Grab CG
  • Standing Combat
  • Computer Bendover
  • Zombie Grab


Developer Notes:

Report any bugs here. I encourage you to be as critical as possible. I’d like to make a quality game!

Game Images & Screenshots


Erohazard [v0.4] By w0wthatscool

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