Emma’s Path [v0.0.12] By MegaloDEV

Emma’s Path [v0.0.12] By MegaloDEV

MegaloDEV Games released a new game called Accursed: Emma’s Path and the version is 0.0.12. The game’s story is about is an optional-combat erotic visual-novel-styled RPG, with a heavy emphasis on cheating, NTR and corruption. The game is being made in RPG Maker MZ. All Characters are 18+!

Most of the game is played from the perspective of Emma as her entire world is turned upside down. After falling at the hands of the reining Demon Lord, Emma’s love and the Prophesied Hero succumbs to a terrible curse! With the hero indisposed, it is up to Emma to save her beloved at all costs! Will she succeed? Or will she surrender to the rising darkness within herself?​

Developer: MegaloDEV
File Size: 430.9 MB
Version: 0.0.12
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added new H-CG scene with Lorraine
    -Also accessible in the gallery
    -Context for Lorraine scene
    -Note: It is missable!
  • Added early combat.
    -Access by talking to the guard looking dude in the gallery.
    -Note: This is all placeholder. This is simply for testing chasing and basic mechanics.
  • Sex stats will now track!
  • Added “Corruption” modifiers to certain actions.
    -During the game certain optional and non-optional events/choices will increase Emma’s corruption. There will also be ways to decrease it in the future.
  • Added visual indicators to a few choices when they will affect Emma’s corruption.
    -EX: Kazuma Flash
  • Reduced Message Window to three rows.
  • Reduced the volume of a few map change SFX’s.
  • Updated various plugins
  • Changed an argument that may improve default performance on laptops with a dGPU.


  • Fixed dialogue when attempting to leave the onsen correctly reflects the stage of the MSQ.
  • Fixed a few weird BGM’s playing at awkward times.


  • Further integrated the new town square map into earlier parts of the game.
    -Such as when heading towards the hermit for the first time.
  • Added Credits Menu to the Main Menu.
  • Minor dialogue changes.
  • Reduced file size by ~250mb (heh)
  • Fixed the new scene being accessible on the first visit to the onsen.


  • Demon Lord Throne Servicing H-CG with 4 variations -Can be accessed by started a new game or activating the corresponding crystal in the gallery.
  • Three new character busts implemented.
  • A couple smaller scenes added post-nightmare -Go meet those newly implemented characters!
  • Small list of minor typo updates and minor bugfixes.

Note: Depending on the build older saves might not work. We’ve included a zip file containing a save that leaves the player in the gallery. Talking to the Demon Lord sprite will teleport the player to the beginning of the nightmare for easier access to the new post-nightmare dialogue scenes.

Developer Notes:

The gameplay of Accursed will be comprised of three major components and overall contains tons of dialogue.

  1. VN-Style Cutscenes: Most of the dialogue in the game will take place in cutscenes that are styled after your favorite visual novel complete with busts and backgrounds. Hentai scenes will usually contain unique CGs.
  2. Exploration: Like most games made in RPGmaker the game will contain lots of exploration in and around the game maps. Find side quests, various activities such as minigames, talk to NPCs and more!
  3. Dungeons: Throughout the game various dungeons will become available to explore. While the player can enter into combat here, combat is still OPTIONAL. Enemies will roam around and seek the player. If they touch, the player is given three options: FIGHT, FUCK, RUN. Of course this goes for bosses too. <3

The game’s story and Emma’s progression is very important to us. In order to properly tell her story the game is split into three major acts alongside a prologue and epilogue. Each section will differ with structure and what is available for Emma to do.

  1. Prologue: A short linear introduction to the world and a few of the major characters. The events here set the events of the entire game in motion.
  2. Act I: Introduction to the small town where the game will mostly take place. Several key game mechanics/systems will also be introduced here. Plan the order in which Emma does various odd jobs around town each day of the week. Help the blacksmith at the forge? Serve some lucky patrons at the bar?
  3. Act II: The game will open up a lot during this act. A multitude of side quests, activities and free events will become available. Pursue the main quest at your leisure. Be careful though! Emma’s collective choices at the end of this act will determine which of the one of two possible Act III’s are served to the player!
  4. Act III: The player will either get the pure or corrupt version of this act based on the prior key choices.
  5. Endings: Each version of Act III will also lead to 2 distinctive endings (total of 4) depending on overall choices made. There will also be various “flavors” to these endings depending on what you did during the game.

Game Images & Screenshots


Emma’s Path [v0.0.12] By MegaloDEV

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