Divine Ascension [v0.1b] By Divine Ascension

Divine Ascension [v0.1b] By Divine Ascension

Divine Ascension Games released a new game called Divine Ascension and the version is 0.1b. The game’s story is about Welcome to the story of Divine Ascension, currently, this is just the first half of the prologue. The universe accidentally killed you and decided to give you a second chance in another world. Unable to be sent back to your original world; you were reborn into a fantasy world filled with monsters and magic.​

Developer: Divine Ascension
File Size: 1014.7 MB
Version: 0.1b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

I am embarking on a journey of discovery to learn these programs, all while I’m putting together a story of a new adventure. At the time of writing this post I have roughly 150+ renders put together.

I plan on updating this game as much as I can (hopefully every month).

The current game is just a prologue for what is to come, the two girls in the mainly featured for most of the prologue, shouldn’t be in the story much after the main story starts and I will focus on the journey the main character takes with his traveling companions in the campsite picture.

Once I have more content in the game, I plan on going back to some of the first renders I made and remaking them with what I have learned so far, mainly about lighting, and I plan to eventually add animation to some scenes.

*Warning, The Game Is Currently Very Short And Everything Is Open To Change*

*There is currently only voyeur scenes in the game and you do not get to interact yet, the choices are minimal because at this point it is just a prologue*

I am currently planning on a couple things, specifically, Free Use and Avoidable Tentacles. Then I also must ask a question about NTR since I know its a sensitive thing, I don’t know if the story I set up in the beginning for the two women would be considered NTR if the player is not involved, and not it explicitly shown, but it is mentioned as a possibility, I can rewrite it if its to close to NTR for some to be comfortable. I have no plans to have NTR with the actual main character and his love interest.

Game Images & Screenshots


Divine Ascension [v0.1b] By Divine Ascension

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