Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle [Atomic Update] By ZaneSFM

Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle [Atomic Update] By ZaneSFM

ZaneSFM Games released a new game called Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle and the version is Atomic Update. The game’s story is about Rejoice the story about many brave men attempting to take down one the most dangerous vampire ladies inside their village. Will they be able to fulfill their mission? or will they end up being enslaved like all previous visitors who have attempted to take down the merciless creature?

Developer: ZaneSFM
File Size: 351.6 MB
Version: Atomic Update
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 4.56

  • Added full movie (lost tape) to chapter 2 (titled ”Fallen”) w/ included animation !
  • fixed white overlay for wall picture that was previously added to chapter 2
  • Added Teaser / wall photo inside the chamber to in chapter 2
  • (Updated Save file) Lost tapes no longer reset after you jump between chapters, they will always be recorded at the TV after you find them just once
  • fixed ‘coming soon’ buttons on screen that would stay on screen after pressing the ‘exit-TV’ button
  • Added multiple sound effects to some scenes inside chapter 2, they would previously have 1 sound playing for the duration of the entire scene
  • Changed main_menu thumbnail
  • Dialogue corrections for over 300 lines inside chapter 2

Chapter 4.55

  • Added new lost tape / full-movie to chapter 2
  • Added new interactable wall frame picture to chapter 2
  • Added new message to tapes screens to let the player know if a scene is available or not
  • Dialogue corrections for 700 lines all through chapter 2
  • Fixed bug that would send the player back to chapter 1 when traveling to chapter 4
  • Added new scene to the bonus content pack of the game: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dimitrescus-lewd-63976830

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Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle [Atomic Update] By ZaneSFM

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