Desire Guardians [v0.24] By Aquin25

Desire Guardians [v0.24] By Aquin25

Aquin25 Games released a new game called Desire Guardians and the version is 0.24. The game’s story is about In Desire Guardians, you play as a young Black Man, moving to a small rural town in the middle of nowhere to start a new life for themselves. However, in doing so, they end up getting roped into a metaphysical realm where the suppressed desires of the masses (so basically, their kinks) take on physical form, and need to be defeated before they turn dark and dangerous.

Developer: Aquin25
File Size: 864.4 MB
Version: 0.24
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

A new Dungeon (The Temple of Man), A slight redesign to the dungeon menu to streamline it a bit, New After work events for Lani and Manny, A new mechanic for Manny at the bar and the mystery shop, New Submission events for Gwen, Julia, Lani, Manny, Magnus and Athena, Fixes to the Alpharena to make the final cup more accessable, and Buffs to Camilla to make her boss fight even harder!

V23: A new dungeon. (Fairy Forest) (Must reach a certain point in Marie’s after work events to unlock.) 2 new after work events for Marie, and 1 for Gwen, finishing out her story. (Gwen having both romantic and platonic versions), New submission events for everyone. The Basement is now compleate, and new submission events for EVERYONE!

v23: The Alpharena, a side story area to the game where players can take on arena challeneges. (There are 4 challenges that are to be unlocked across the story campeign. Players who have played through all content from all previous updates can access all 4, but those starting fresh will unlock them over the course of the story), A special superboss in the arena if you have all 4 of the dommes’ keys. (If any of their keys are missing from your inventory, simply rebattle them to obtain it), New After Work Events for Julia and Marie (Julia’s coming to an end, now compleated at 10 entries), New submission events for EVERYONE, including Marie this time.

V21: New Dungeon (Team Domina Base) New After work events for both Julia and Athena (Both romantic and platonic, bringing an end to Athena’s side route) New Submission events for Gwen, Julia, Lani, Manny, Magnus and Athena. The Bed is now usable in the basement. Bug and typo fixes.

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Desire Guardians [v0.24] By Aquin25

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