Demon Gods [v0.36] By Panonon

Demon Gods [v0.36] By Panonon

Panonon Games released a new game called Demon Gods and the version is 0.36. The game’s story is about I died and was reincarnated into a – wait no… This is a game about you, who died and woke up in another world with a new body. You’re tasked with purifying the world of corruption by a Goddess who makes it pretty clear she doesn’t really care if you succeed or fail.​

Developer: Panonon
File Size: 86.7 MB
Version: 0.36
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Known issues: There is a bug if you start as a girl where it randomly switches your origin to male. This has been fixed in 0.38

  • added a missing passage if you failed/refused to pay your taxes
  • Updated more scenes for players playing the grill path. Note: Most regular scenes will be the same, I will only be changing the story scenes for the grill (for now at least)
  • Fixed an inconsequential error that happens when villagers are too suspicious of you, (didn’t really matter since it’s game over)
  • Fixed new body parts growing occasionally not displaying when leveling up, wings no longer need illusion magic as they’re now retractable. However illusion magic is still needed for tail/horn.
  • Fixed some large gaps in UI
  • Upon testing my own game on mobile, I realized that some buttons were difficult or annoying to press. Made the buttons larger and more comfortable for mobile players. Still testing and deciding on a permanent fix.
  • Removed repeatable guard tower event
  • Fixed conversation so Garret is no longer guarding the gate and simulataneously in the guard tower sleeping.
  • Fixed optional boss having Friend 2’s character portrait.
  • Found and fixed a bug if you kill the optional boss in forest1 with a melee attack, you don’t get the ice tome.
  • Modified spells, Grill can no longer learn any spells other than fire, illusion, and a couple others that aren’t yet implimented. They’re just not interested. (Grill does start with Fire 1 and Fire 2)
  • Fixed cumvials so they appropriately give you 50% of your maxhp, not 50% of your current hp.
  • Fixed going south from Forest 2, H1
  • Fully tested multiple directions on all maps. Should have no issues.
  • Fixed never ending battles in Forest 3
  • Forest 3, A6 flipped West and North so North is on top.
  • Added a scene with a statue to the forest
  • Added a scene where you kill or spare alraunes
  • Added a several scenes to the tavern. Can’t do anything yet, these are just for pleasure or lore.
  • added a couple bards to the tavern. (images pending). One of them is kind of an asshole.
  • added town fast travel to places you’ve been
  • added content to forest 2 and forest 3
  • added a dress
  • changed some questions and answers at the beginning of the game (male/female)
  • Some images have been added or updated, most will be added next update

Developer Notes:

I update monthly, though I do update more frequently if there are game-breaking bugs. I’m happy for feedback. My game is also available on my website, which is updated 2 weeks after Patreon. One thing I hate is games that don’t get finished, so I am adamant that I will finish this game.

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Demon Gods [v0.36] By Panonon

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