Deers and Deckards [v1.81] By KulPlant

Deers and Deckards [v1.81] By KulPlant

KulPlant Games released a new game called Deers and Deckards and the version is 1.81. The game’s story is about You goes to visit your best friend for a fun weekend of games. There you also get to meet his dad, making the stay more eventful then expected…​

Developer: KulPlant
File Size: 520 MB
Version: 1.81
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Content Warning: There are a few non-consensual sex scenes that occur with demonic entities. No dragon or deer was harmed physically or psychologically during the production of this content. All characters shown are adults.

Update Log:

  • Added continuation of main story
  • Added 1 Game Over scene (NSFW)
  • Added replay function to Gallery
  • Fixed a few typo


  • Added new side story chapter
  • Added new CGs
  • New Side Story is unlocked by playing current Main Story to the very end, there will be a notice telling you new Side Story is now unlocked. If the new side story chapter is not unlocked on your old save, all you need to do is get to the end of main story again by load a save near it.


  • Update contains continuation of the story, including new CG’s and so on.
  • Gallery added
  • New story
  • New CGs

Developer Notes:

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Game Images & Screenshots


Deers and Deckards [v1.81] By KulPlant

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