Daemons, Damsels & Mythical Milfs [v0.06] BY Arioh Daerthe

Daemons, Damsels & Mythical Milfs [v0.06] BY Arioh Daerthe

Arioh Daerthe Games released a new game called Daemons, Damsels & Mythical Milfs and the version is 0.06. The game’s story is about You play as an 18-year-old half-daemon who is forced to live away from people because your father was a member of, the Order of Dusk, whose members have been plotting coups d’etat in many countries. One day the woman who raised you, the nocturnal demon Nikta, who is also a member of the Order, comes to you and asks for help.

Developer: Arioh Daerthe
File Size: 931.3 MB
Version: 0.06
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Long quest with Tasha
  • Quest with Nikta
  • Quest with Erika and Buffy
  • Unlocking spell quest, mechanic, and short bath events
  • Added runs learning system


  • Long quest with Azura (with sex scene)
  • Quest with Fluffy (with sex scene)
  • Quest with Fluffy and Miin
  • Clothes for Tasha and Azura (talk to Tilisu)
  • Implemented guild missions
  • Reworked dungeon
  • Added customizable background for textbox
  • Also fixed some small bugs after beta, and reworked random rooms in the dungeon


  • Quest with Nikta (main story)
  • Tasha’s quest
  • Lyel’s quest
  • Jelly’s quest
  • Orchidea’s quest
  • Ember’s quest
  • Two events in the dorm
  • Reworked some images
  • Added new location to the dorm – garden
  • Added trading skill

Developer Notes:

Some features:

  • 21 girls. Each girl will have a unique story and events/scenes/interactions.
  • The gameplay is something between a visual novel and a point-and-click quest.
  • Every girl has affection and lust points, affection points are needed for story progression, lust points for unlocking sex scenes
  • The game has economy, magic, alchemy, and simple dungeon crawling
  • House upgrading system – we can buy new rooms and furniture for the place where MC and some of the girls live.

Planned sexual content – oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, footjob, boobjob, handjob, teasing, masturbation, lesbian, threesome, a few optional futanari scenes, optional maledom/femdom, optional netori(cheating) route with married woman, some unique scenes with Jelly, pregnancy(in the late updates)


  • Nikta – woman who raised you, nocturnal daemon
  • Azura – daemon, Nikta’s daughter, guild librarian
  • Fluffy(you can change her name) – demonic cat, your Familiar
  • Lyel – snow elf, countess of the Emerald Mountains, guild member
  • Tasha – lycanthrope, former mercenary and Lyel’s guard, guild member
  • Jelly – gelatinous substance(she was a fairy before one alchemical accident), lives in the guild dorm
  • Maki – kitsune, owner of the local club
  • Orchidea – fairy, alchemist, Jelly’s mother
  • Tilisu – drow, artifacts seller
  • Ember – dragon, guild secretary
  • Freya – valkyrie, guild gatekeeper
  • Astrea – ancient creature, guildmaster
  • Erika – raven, guild member
  • Buffy – vampire, guild member
  • Ivy – spriggan, priestess in the local temple
  • Miin – daemon, lake cat
  • Lana – dwarf, blacksmith’s assistant
  • Ariana – wood elf, grocery clerk
  • Belladonna – goblin, bartender in Maki’s club
  • Esther – fallen angel, dancer in Maki’s club
  • Azni – daemon, dancer in Maki’s club

Game Images & Screenshots


Daemons, Damsels & Mythical Milfs [v0.06] BY Arioh Daerthe

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