Coward’s Paradise [v0.2.0] By Flayedsanctum

Coward’s Paradise [v0.2.0] By Flayedsanctum

Flayedsanctum Games released a new game called Unraveling Angel: Coward’s Paradise and the version is 0.2.0. The game’s story is about During the last semester of his senior year, the protagonist receives an email chastising him for his poor attendance. In order to rectify this he has to participate in an after-school event called the “Coward’s Committee”. On arriving he found it dead. No one else bothered to show up. Regardless, this surprise burden forces him to split his free time between his cute girlfriend Margo and Mr. Vice, the committee’s supervisor. With this man’s arrival comes the recovery of something that was better left buried, as old and new faces alike make themselves known in a world that can’t compete with them.​

Developer: Flayedsanctum
File Size: 237.1 MB
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Around 8000 words (Full game total: 13k)
  • 1 new character sprite sheet
  • Around 10 scenes
  • 2 CGs / Lust scenes
  • Tweaked Veronika’s sprite a little and gave her gloves
  • Introductions for Matt and Veronika
  • Implemented a CG gallery
  • Nobody asked for this but you can now rename Joe
  • Fixes for older content

Developer Notes:

Hello. I’m Chad, an artist/co-writer/whatever of FS. I don’t expect many people to read this blurb so I’m going to be curt. Disclaimer: I am not being held at gunpoint and I have not been told that I have to write down my thoughts on game development or I will be “killed”. Things like this do not happen.

Jack (the main writer/programmer/et ceter’er) is a deeply confusing individual but from I what I’ve pieced together the general flowchart of the game looks like this:

“Common route” -> Romance routes -> “Second cycle” -> “Harem”

Game Images & Screenshots


Coward’s Paradise [v0.2.0] By Flayedsanctum

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