Bloom [v0.017a] By Demon Flower Studios

Bloom [v0.017a] By Demon Flower Studios

Demon Flower Studios Games released a new game called Bloom and the version is 0.017a. The game’s story is about After being kicked out by your stepmother, the Goddess Persephone gives you a tempting offer: the opportunity to get revenge on all those in your hometown who abandoned you, and corrupt them into want.

Developer: Demon Flower Studios
File Size: 1.14 GB
Version: 0.017a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Players now only get $1000 after beating the store arc
  • Adjusted costs of various items
  • Some items that were free now cost money
  • Adjusted menu’s so that players won’t purchase the same item twice in most cases
  • Fine tuned menu’s in stores to make them more streamlined
  • Added new “Explore” to the park
  • Added a Pop Up stand to the park (Only for Julia’s Bimbo path)
  • Added a use for the Bimbo Spray
  • Added RNG for exploring the park (Only for Julia’s Bimbo path)
  • Added a way to get to Julia’s room in the mansion (Pet path exclusive)
  • Added new scenes with Julia in her room (Pet Path)
  • Added new outfits for Julia (Pet Path)
  • Added the clothing store in the mall
  • Added Julia Pajama outfit to the Pet Store
  • Scenes with Julia after the completion of the Pet path with change with her outfit


  • New scenes with Red (Head cheerleader)
  • New options in the sex shop
  • A use for the futa potion!
  • Fixed the bug not allowing you to leave the school
  • Fixed the bug hiding some images when you talk to Persephone again


  • Initial Release
  • Twisted Spoon Unlocked
  • Intro to Ali
  • Intro to Lisa
  • Intro to Brooke
  • Mall Unlocked
  • Access to the Sex Shop
  • Can choose a path for the Sex Shop corruption
  • Intro to Quinn
  • Intro to Freya
  • New Scene with Persephone
  • Other misc changes

Developer Notes:

Hi! My name is Selene, also know as Demon Queen Fenn and I’m currently creating a NSFW game based on Aesthetic attraction. Are you asexual, aromatic, or just want to see a game with tons of unique outfits and characters? Then maybe give Bloom a try. I’m an aroace gender none confirming person and I wanted to make a game for people like me with tons of over the top outfits, cool stories, and tons of Mind Control. Bloom also is more Lofi, which basically means you can play it to have fun or Have Fun. Currently I’m redoing this page because I had a bit a… interesting year. Thanks so much!

Game Images & Screenshots


Bloom [v0.017a] By Demon Flower Studios

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