Apocalyptic World [v0.09] By ttyrke

Apocalyptic World [v0.09] By ttyrke

ttyrke Games released a new game called Apocalyptic World and the version is 0.09. The game’s story is about an Open World, RPG, and sandbox. You’ve survived the nuclear war but what at the cost? You survived it in a bunker while others adapted and lived their lives.​

Developer: ttyrke
File Size: 392.0 MB
Version: 0.09
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Hunting. Energy didn’t decrease by 60.
  • Bug when random slave/guest could overwrite Blair’s object and mess up the save.
  • Fixed random explore random event not appearing


  • Autosaves implemented when sleeping
  • Updated a lot of texts (more incoming). Thanks to @Forgotted
  • Assign guest to work in kitchen (When visiting kitchen you automatically will eat if satiety less than 50)
  • Sex with guests in kitchen
  • You can change name of your slave
  • Rewrited age mehanics. Now everyone will age as game passes. (Age will increase)
  • Performance boost when you got a lot of slaves/guests. (Set max backward button times to one. (top left side). (After alpha or beta will be removed anyways))
  • New item “Towel” (for childbirth right now)
  • Miscarriagere for pregnant girls if they’re assigned to work. (5% each day for slaves and 1% for guests)
  • Take guests/prev slaves back to the basement
  • Child birth. You got either girl or boy. Name him. Can’t interactive with him (for now) at least till she/him reaches 17.
  • Church finish event
  • New character introduction
  • Added deflowered scene for virgins
  • New item “Antibiotics”
  • New random explore event
  • Added few general texts for general sex scenes.
  • Rodger event
  • Repeatable event in church to increase int


  • Blackjack table money glitch. Now money will be taken off you instantly when you start to play. Before that it was only removed after you lost, so you had option to get free blowjob. Nothing is FREE!


  • Integration tests (For now only test case for sleep. In future I will try to write test case for each bigger/critical bug you report so it won’t repeat in any future development releases)
  • Online version: www.apocalyptic-world.com
  • Wash slave. Now you can wash them + fuck scene. They’ll get temporary beauty increase. Each day it will decrease till it gets back to her base beauty
  • Blair – first bj scene
  • Minimal UI updates
  • Vincent – new quest
  • New location – settlement
  • Blair – first sex scene
  • Blair – Repeatable sex scenes in bedroom
  • Now farm shop will increase Vicent’s relationship max to 20.
  • New characters – Rodger & Eve (introduction)
  • Basic gathering/helping quests for Rodger & Eve (help them build church till 80%)
  • Random sex event in settlement
  • Now you can buy a round to everyone in Bar. A girl might say thank you
  • Added anal stats to girl (If above 20, then she’ll be able to take it properly in the ass)
  • Increased sex scene images by 30% in height


  • Typo in pregnancy potion
  • Not reducing pregnancy potion when given to slave.
  • Nightclub – when you went to the bathroom with girl, you had option to assign her to garden
  • Explore – found girl and tried to rape her without strength. Fixed passage
  • Blackjack error fix if where getting bj


  • GIRL MOD: Now you can make girl more personal. You just need to create folder with her name (first letter capital), run a file and she will only use images from there.
  • Bounty hunter – when girl has been captured. You’ll see her beauty and age.
  • While exploring you can find girls who are already pregnant
  • Fight cage – now you can exercise (+2 strength)
  • Fight cage – exercise – random event to increase maxEnergy (max 130)
  • Some UI changes (day time images, button font, etc)
  • Dreaming if horny
  • Guest house – new location. You can release your slaves and if they decide, they’ll want to stay with you – move them into guest house. (Probably will need tweeking how much costs)
  • General images for new sex scene – bedroom (Guest house).
  • If girl doesn’t have enough anal stats she won’t be able to take your dick and refuse.
  • Bar – bartender bj scene
  • Bar – option to drink
  • Bar – random event while drinking
  • Guests can refuse sex with you if not enough relationship (you can force them but your relationship will decrease significaly)
  • If guest relationship drops significaly, she/he might leave your place
  • Random explore event #12
  • New item: bow
  • New mini game: shooter/aim game
  • Now you can hunt for food in forest if you have bow (can craft in workbench)
  • Random underground city event #2
  • If woman is 55+ year old there will be gilf scenes in some sex passages. (Only for bedroom aka – guesthouse)



  • After fight won each time you killed or captured someone you received caps. Now will get only once
  • Bug when after 20:00 you couldn’t go to underground city.


  • Reworked farm shop. Now you can enter quantity you want to buy/sell + some minimal UI changes + Now it’s reusable (Can create infinity amount of shops. Just need to define what items it buys/sells)
  • Perks – added three perks:
    1. drunk – horny increases slower
    2. beaten – after lost fight – 4 days you’ll wake up with half energy.
    3. bleeding – if you get stabbed, you bleed for 3 days. You need to usage bandage or you die permanently (You can use bandage from inventory)
  • New item: pregnancy position (terminates pregnancy)
  • New item: glowing mushroom
  • Forest – search for glowing mushrooms
  • Changed reputation needed to work in garden from 50 to 30
  • Changed reputation needed to work on streets from 70 to 50
  • Changed slave working on street killed from 15% to 5%
  • Pregnancy termination – you can give potion to your slave. She might die too.
  • New item: bandage
  • New location: Shop. (Underground city) (can buy bandages and knives)
  • Remove assigned slaves from current jobs
  • Random event in underground city
  • Enemies now can have weapons (knife for now). If he manages to hit you once with it, you’ll get “bleeding” perk (4 days to use bandage or you die) (doesn’t matter if you win or lose fight). If you win the fight – you take their weapons.
  • Blair scene
  • Random event in blackjack
  • Random event in basement

Developer Notes:

This project is and will be absolutely free. For now, if you want to support my work, just leave a comment in lewdgames.net. My ears are all yours. I need suggestions, criticism and your true opinion This is my first game ever.

Game idea is that it will be a fully open world, rpg game where you can be who ever you want. You want to be a farmer, slave merchant, just a random good/evil guy, bounty hunter, cage figher, Cannibal? You can be whatever you want!

Reputation system There will be reputation system like in RDR2 where you can decide how people will look at you. If you help strangers and other people, you get it; if you kill innocent people/slave – you lose it.

Game Images & Screenshots


Apocalyptic World [v0.09] By ttyrke

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