Adult VR Game Room [v0.4] By Adult VR Game Room

Adult VR Game Room [v0.4] By Adult VR Game Room

Adult VR Game Room Games released a new game called Adult VR Game Room and the version is 0.4. The game’s story is about Adult VR Game Room a game in which you breed unique ACTORS (Artificial Cell Transmutable Organic Robots).

Developer: Adult VR Game Room
File Size: 3.07 GB
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Desktop Mode
  • Updated login UI
  • Unlocked all furniture props for all Patreon tiers
  • Fixed the actor possession hands offset issue
  • Fixed the actor selection menu issue
  • Performance update for the Griffin’s Nest stage
  • Fixed the dildo/floor collision issue
  • Fixed the attached dildo penetration issue
  • Added a new option to replay tutorial

Developer Notes:

  • Online multiplayer – Connect with players from all over the world
  • Voice chat – Real-time voice chat for immersive and interactive gameplay
  • Realistic physics – Physics based gameplay that looks and feels real
  • Physics based penetration
  • Realistic skin rendering
  • Interaction system – Pose, animate, control and possess ACTORS
  • Customizable environments – Add furniture, props, toys, lights and other items to any environment to make it your own
  • Public and private lobbies– Both public and private lobbies are available for everyone
  • Possessable ACTORS – Become your ACTORS
  • Themed environments and toys
  • Desktop (non-VR) Mode – Play without a VR headset using mouse and keyboard.
  • VR support for Oculus, Vive, Index
  • ACTOR Breeding system
  • Laboratory and resources management system
  • Updated genital physics
  • Hair physics
  • Cameras with different lenses and filters for recording in game videos
  • Customizable clothing system
  • Male ACTORs
  • Full body tracking
  • Toy support: Handy, Lovense
  • In game ACTOR marketplace ( buy, sell, trade )
  • Customizable ACTOR makeup system
  • More customizable environments
  • More toys and props
  • Oculus Quest standalone version

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Adult VR Game Room [v0.4] By Adult VR Game Room

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